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Hiring is an Everyday Job


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Just as marketing is a job that needs to be done every day of the year, bringing in new people should be an ongoing proposition. We need to be constantly filling the pipeline with people; because, people will leave and it is much better to be prepared and ready than not.

And as the marketing plan needs to be used as a map to find our way, we need a hiring plan to keep us on course. From the initial contact with us, until the day he is hired we need a procedure to follow. We need a description for each position as to what meets our criterion.

We keep a stack of envelopes, already sealed and stuffed into an envelope with another stamped self addressed envelope inside, next to the phone when we call the applicant. And all we do is ask a few questions to make sure the applicant should get an application. Then we just jot down their name and addresses and send them on their way. This part actually functions as a test, everything is done for them, envelop, stamp, and address all they have to do is assemble the package after filling it in.

Next is the face to face interview, and if you have ever been on either side you will know both sides are interviewing each other. The applicant is very motivated in seeing what he might be getting into, and of course the hirer wants to know who it is he might be bringing into the family. Risky business on both sides. Questions like: What was it about your last job that you liked? Or, what happened to cause you to leave your last job? And what was it about your last job that you hated? The key being that they are very open ended questions and can't be answered with a yes or no. The best technique is to sit back and listen, without emotion or judging. You will find that people if left long enough will tell you worlds of things. Many books have been written about body language, and there are some that show body postures and what they mean. It is not so important which postures; but, when they use those postures.

Does this person know how to paint? We have an old double hung window that has been mounted in a frame that is free standing. It is a 6/6 divided double hung window. Give the painter a brush and paint and just watch. In 1/2 of a minute you will know volumes about this persons painting skills.

Finally having the painter read the Operations manual will give him and you, a good feel for each other. I find the better job of hiring comes from listening and watching. The minute I start to preach, is when I lose control, so I have learned to just shut up and listen.

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P. Cavanaugh has spent 30 years in the painting business, after finally realizing that the only way to improve was to charge what was needed.


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