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Topics Covered in New Employee Training Programs


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Building an employee training program without following the right outline is a fool's errand.
What topics should you cover in new employee training programs? What is and isn't necessary? How much theory should you have versus practical?

This is an area that most everyone fails horribly at. Most employee training programs look like college textbooks and are done only for their own sake.

The key to building effective employee training isn't jamming as much relevant data as you can into a binder and calling it a training program. The key to building effective employee training is teaching only what is necessary to do the job and teaching it on the right gradient-that is to say, reducing the learning curve by teaching the fundamental aspects first and building upon those until you are teaching more advanced material.

One of the biggest problems most employee training programs have is that they were built with the wrong philosophy.

Too many training programs resemble half-baked college courses. They throw the employee headlong into technical details, case studies, articles and reports and utterly fail to answer simple questions about how to actually do the job.

We've found that the most common illnesses that training programs have are

1) they don't teach the job as it's actually done-employees are promptly told to “forget whatever they said in training, "
2) they're too complex,
3) they are full of irrelevant data-data that isn't entirely necessary to just do the job,
4) they have no practical to balance an overwhelming amount of theory,
5) they try to use testing to compensate for the other problems.

Employee training is not done for its own sake. Employees are not in training simply so you can say you train your employees. They do not train to just pass a test.

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Employee Training Needs The Assessment Steps
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