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How to Conduct a Job Interview


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Conducting a job interview is one of the most important tasks managers or supervisors can perform. As a result of their ability to judge the best candidate for the job, they are in the position to ensure a successful future for the company. Conducting a job interview is not an easy task for first time interviewers. The main attribute needed to conduct a successful interview is self confidence. You must be seen to be approachable as this will have an effect on how the candidate performs. Potential employers as well as the candidate quite often get nervous during a job interview. Be specific and make every effort to create a non-threatening atmosphere. Greet the candidate appropriately and give a firm hand shake. This will go a long way towards creating a friendly atmosphere and putting the candidate at ease.

When you are ready to start an interview, meet the candidate and greet him/her warmly. Thank the applicant for taking the time to attend the interview. Appropriate eye contact is very important as it will make your task more pleasant. Ask the candidate to have a seat. This will reduce any tension and will allow you to begin the interview positively.

Being sure to ask the right kind of questions, at the appropriate time plays a very important role while conducting a job interview. Ask the questions as they increase in order of importance. Begin with more general questions such as asking for personal details, why the candidate has chosen your company etc. Always wait patiently and listen attentively to the answers from the candidate. You will be able to think of the next question whilst the previous one is being answered, unless you have a list of prepared questions. Take your own time and plan your questions well.

After the initial general questions take a short break and have an informal chat with the candidate before starting with the next series of questions. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere and will assist the candidate in answering the questions as best they can. This next level of questions include those which tell you how much skill and talent a person has and whether they are right for the job. From these questions you will be able to highlight the applicant's talent and expertise. Be sure to note down every point you observe, as it will benefit you when you are making the final decision. Some of the important questions asked in this section are those that are asking the candidate what they are looking for in a job, why they should be considered for the position, what can you offer over another candidate etc.

Deciding whether a candidate is best suited for a particular job or choosing among equally qualified candidates, is a difficult task. You must be able to judge and ask appropriate questions so that will give you the necessary information to help you with the decision making. You may choose to ask questions related to the candidate's previous experiences, behaviour and relationships with co-workers, management style, what they are looking for in a job, and their suitability as a team member.

Conclude the interview positively with a friendly thank you and handshake. Allow yourself a few minutes before commencing the next interview. This will help you make the right decision. If you rush and make the wrong choice it may be a concern for the company.

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