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Why Consider an Incentive Program in Your Company?


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Employee performance can be a sore spot for many employers in this country. Most often you will find that the time that you believe that everything is well in hand, bang, someone comes along and pulls the rug out. You have employees that are not performing like you want. They are doing only what they have to and nothing more. Morale in the workplace is low and the complaints are high. Now you could use this situation to do a good lot of cleaning out. But that is not the issue that needs to be resolved.

The main focus of the issue is how to properly motivate the employees that you have. It will take a lot more time to fire the ones you have then train a bunch of new ones and this will cost you money. There is a reason that you hired these employees in the beginning so there is no reason why you should not take the time to make it all worth your while. It will simply take some doing.

Employees will respond well to incentives. That is just a simple fact of life. We are all very much human and we have our own little way of doing things. Didn't we all respond better to things through our parents when we were offered an allowance for doing so? That's right, there is nothing different with this kind of situation. The employee is like your child and you have to figure out how to properly motivate the employee to do what you want them to do.

Now you could simply offer more money to the employees that you wish to have performing better. This is not highly successful. If they are getting paid more for not performing up to par then why should they do anything else. This may seem strange but it is a simple fact of life. You will have a bunch of people not doing anything and getting paid more for it. So that is not the way to go.

It is better to offer some kind of rewards or incentive program. This can be two fold or more if you wish. So let's say that you want to reward the top salesperson in the company. Now you can implement a bonus program for a certain amount of sales, say $100 for reaching a certain level. That is all and well but you need something more. So create another level where they not only get the $100 but they can also earn a dream vacation that is completely paid for.

This may sound like it is very expensive but that is just not the case. There are companies around that have come up with solutions like this and they make it very easy for you to make it happen.

Most companies offer bulk pricing on vacation package deals that are so low in cost that you might want to use them for yourself as well.

Not only are they cheap but they are the perfect incentive to get the employees on your staff motivated to make it all happen. You will have minimum out of pocket expense and see the amount of your sales grow. Nothing could be better for you and the employee.

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