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Negotiate to carry out well-known athletic shoes desire to return to Indonesia from the Mao


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2010 of Xun on April 13 ASEAN China negotiate implementation from the Mao, . It be Indonesia and raise and export the business opportunities of the athletic shoes to China. Indonesia once was world's biggest athletic shoes production country, . Many athletic shoes with well-known house make sure to return to Indonesia to produce now. The the country shoe industry association(Aprisindo) guidance board chairman's Harry postpones to give to mean, . Indonesia produces athletic shoes quality better than China, . Before the NewBalance and Mizuno brand for producing in China, .

Also return to Indonesia to produce now. Harry postpones to give to call, . Is Indonesia to raise currently the athletic shoes produce of the turn order, . Present just has NewBalance and Mizuno two international brands, . Move to production in Indonesia, . Will there is the factory to withdraw Indonesia while being more in the gold Wei in the days to come, . Resume again in the production of Indonesia. He says, . The NewBalance shoe year produces the index sign as 1,000,000 pairs, . Aftertime will raise again, . Because the yield in China reaches to 4,000,000 pairs, . The factory establishes in the Dan space Lang City, .

Can ast least absorb Na 15,000 labor forces. Ten thousand Dan provincial governors pull Du Du especially. section west friendship establish factory to mean to welcome in the Dan space Lang to the shoe operator, . Hope more industry with intensive labor continuously arrive ten thousand Dans to invest. She points out, . Ten thousand Dans decide to row for the economic special area, . The improvement bids for a quasi- certificate service, public order, . Combine to prepare 19 industrial areas that the area reaches to 8100 hectares, .1900 among those hectares have already been used. She thinks, . Ten thousand Ba Ke Beis of Dan Lei are special to increase in value of strategic region, . It is the most suitable to match investor to establish factory. Indonesia invests to orchestrate organization a director Ji tower. Ya Yuan ‘s optimism of Wei Er can reach an economy growth target this year, . Particularly being Indonesia shoe industry will resume a past gold period, . Absorb Na 800,000 labor forces.

On April 12 Xun, . This year quarterly degree Huai Anne immigration examination quarantine the bureau accept totally various exit shoe merchandise report to check total 1002, 6,100,000 pair, 1911. USD 60,000, . The batch, amount and amount of money all creates a history new high that has ever had, . Compared with last year same period to increase 16.7%, 21.8% and 41.0% respectively. This quarter the degree export shoe the main species is plastics shoe, cotton shoes(include craft shoe), galoshes and shoes, . Among them shoes growth the range is the biggest, . The batch, amount and amount of money increases 218.2%, 219.6% and 934.4% respectively.

Main trading nation and region's lining up a preface according to the amount of money is one by one in order EU and Japan, the United States and Middle East, Canada and Australia. The reason that shoe export quantity to quickly increase mainly includes:The spot the direct management continuously enhance, . The quality in the production line is concealed to suffer from getting rid of in time, . The business enterprise quality management level shows a Zhao exaltation, . Export an unqualified rate of shoe product to continuously lower;The shoes, the plastics shoe assortment species increases, . The product file time has an exaltation, . The outside company chooses scope extension, .

Export the opportunity of producing the business enterprise choice order to increase, . The product unit price increases bigger;Business enterprise creative consciousness shows Zhao to build up, . Put forth effort to aim at an international market demands production new product to grow shoe, . Several house once faced to stop production of noted Su shoe factory to export sum significant increment after developing the new product Tang Su shoe, . And the species quality is stable.


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