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With the economy on shaky ground and more Americans looking for a solid answer to their financial worries, small business ownership, specifically start up businesses is once again becoming a main focal point.

What people need to realize is that it is relatively easy to have business finance in place for their start up business. There are financing options available for their start up businesses. It does not matter if they are going to market grandmas homemade jam or buy a car wash, there is so many sources available that the thought of not having enough money shouldn’t even come into the picture.

The person investigating business finance for a start up business should understand that the process could take as much as 30 days, but that the sources are everywhere. A person can receive a line of credit from the government for up to 25,000 and what’s better is that 99% of the people that ask for it, get accepted immediately. Business finance can also take place by obtaining an unsecured credit line for your business that does not even go on your own personal credit file. These are just two of the hundreds of areas of business finance available for your start up.

The average person does not have the killer instinct in them. They dream about owning their own business, but when they realize that it is going to take more money than they have or that they can borrow from relatives, they become worried and their start up business plans may be in jeopardy. They go to their local bank and get turned down and they give up. What they have to realize is that there are lending institutions that specialize in business finance strategies. They are willing to take chances that say, the local bank may not. All in all it comes down to knowing where to look and what to say.

We have made our business completely about business finance and how to assist those that do not have the time and expertise to get the funding they need. Trust this…If you want to start that business and have true freedom from the day to day rut of working for someone else, you can do it.

Patrick Zanders is an Author, Expert Financial Consultant and managing partner of He is available via email at


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