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Business Opportunities in Your Area


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Have you always wanted to be able to work from the comfort of your own home, but really weren’t sure if you could make a profit doing it? Well, it certainly depends on what you choose to do, but there are jobs that allow you to stay home and make some pretty decent money, no matter where you might live. Childcare is something that every working parent needs, and the better you are at it, the more business you can expect to get. If you have experience, are competent and reliable, and love taking care of kids, you will find that word will spread like wildfire that you are the person to contact when parents need to leave their children with a childcare provider. It never takes very long before your phone is ringing once satisfied clients have spread the word about you, and how happy they are with the care you are giving their children.

Make sure you check to see if there are any governmental rules or regulations you need to know about in your state concerning this type of business. You want everything to be aboveboard and legal should it need be. You may not need any special permits or licensing, but it is always best to make sure. A childcare franchise may mean that you are starting from scratch, or you may be interested in buying one that is already up and running. This may cost you far more than you would expect, however, so most interested people simply start their own business. By maintaining a solid reputation for quality childcare, you will be able to build a home business that will only increase over time. It may expand quickly, and it will be up to you to decide how far you actually want it to go.

You will have to decide how many children you think you can handle at any given time, how long you expect to work each day, and what rates you will be charging. You also might want to consider whether or not you will be available for last minute requests, or whether you would prefer to stay with your regular scheduled clients. You may be so full that someone needing you on a one-time basis might not be able to get their child in, so decide whether you want to do this right at the start. A home-based childcare business is an attractive alternative to dropping your own kids off each morning, and given time, can be just as profitable as any outside job.

Your home should be equipped to safely adapt to small children who will be there each day. This includes the outside, as well as in. Do you have an area that is secure outdoors where they can play? A fenced in yard is ideal in this situation, and there should be plenty of toys for entertainment. This may be part of the initial investment you will have to make before opening for business. Parents want to be assured that their children will be safe and secure when playing outdoors. Keep in mind all the expenses you will have to incur before you can open, right down to the smallest detail. The more things you do to insure the safety of the children, the better your chances are of having a very profitable home business.

Stock up on essential items that you are going to use throughout the day. Fruit and juice are staples in any household with small children, as well as a good supply of diapers, baby wipes, or other baby-related items. Many times, the parent will bring this along when dropping off their child, but there is always the chance you may run out before the end of the day. Parents may also bring along meals for their kids as well as snacks, but having those on hand will also make it much easier for you come meal-time. Make sure you know ahead of time if any of the children have food allergies or if there is anything the parent does not want them to have. Keep a list of all these things for your own reference.

Well, now you are ready to begin making money from home with your babysitting business. Get as much advertising as you can afford by taking out ads in your local publications, and you can save a considerable amount of money by printing and distributing fliers in your town. Talk to everyone you know and let them know of your plans, and that alone is worth any money you might spend to get the word out. The ‘tell-a-friend-network’ is the best form of advertising.


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