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Guides for shopping online


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Shopping online is quick, convenient and fun, but before making a purchase online, there are some things you should know to protect yourself and your portfolio.

First . Who is trying?

Make sure you know all the necessary information about the trader and the address, email, phone and contact details so you can evaluate the efficiency and verify the facts. Each time you deal with a foreign businessman, I always solicit feedback from their customer service to see if and how they respond to requests for support. No response or response early to say directly what consumers are “friendly" or support and went to find another merchant that the value of their customers.

What will it cost?

Check the price of the product and be sure to look for hidden costs. Shipping, taxes and the like are standard, but sometimes there are hidden charges or handling the currency conversion rates in international purchasing. Be aware of total cost before making a purchase. If the price and the cost seems to be increasing, to search for product comparison and see if you can get a better deal.

I am ordering the right product?

Identification of the product is important when buying online. Because you can not have or see the actual product you own, you can easily choose the wrong product. Check the product details, which obviously is exactly what I ordered control of the product description carefully. If you are unsure, please contact the seller to request additional information (which is also a good way to evaluate the customer at the same time). Guessing can be expensive.

Product “on file"?

Before ordering, check availability. If the products in stock and available should be clearly indicated on the website. If not, please contact customer service to verify and guarantee. Hot dishes will be selling new and may take a long time before being sent. If you're willing to wait, and then, if not, look elsewhere for certain things. If a hot seller, make sure the other merchants who offer the same product.

How do I send? And when?

Delivery options vary from merchant to merchant. Some offer several different shipping options, and some can only be sent by any scheme provider. Using different delivery options are variable costs and time constraints. Make sure you are aware of the costs and the time it takes before being sent or delivered. Most traders to publish this information as an option for the product or shopping cart. Always looking for information on monitoring and if the insurance offered. You should also receive a delivery confirmation via e-mail when the item is shipped. When buying products at high prices, it is recommended to ensure your purchase in terms of shipping damage or loss of their own protection. Not all sellers will replace or refund your purchase if it occurs. And again, be aware of any additional charges.

Payment Options . How to pay for your purchase?

First, before entering payment information, ensure secure payment page. Look at the URL in your browser and make sure that the prefix “https". If there is no “s" This page can not be secure or encrypted. Use at your own risk! You will find that the option of payment vary from one provider to another, but almost always offer the processing of credit and debit cards of some sort through your own shopping cart or a third party such as PayPal or 2Checkout, etc. Many of they also accept checks and money orders. If you feel more secure “mail" your order and payment, this site offers a form to fill in, print and mail. Whatever you choose, make sure it is safe.

Protect your identity and personal information

Recognizing the personal information requested and what to do here. When asked for personal information that must be an adequate explanation of why and how it is used. Most times this is clearly stated in the Local Policy Act or the website. Privacy Policy should be for each provider and usually can be found on the web page footer. Perhaps there is also a FAQ page, which respond to customer questions and concerns. Be sure to read both. If you think that asking for information that is not associated with the purchase itself, do not enter. Things like Social Security numbers, etc. , shall not be required or entered. Protect your identity.

Have you received a confirmation or a receipt?

When you purchase and enter all required information and submit payment, you should immediately receive a confirmation of some sort with the follow-up confirmation e-mail address. If you do not receive confirmation CONTACT Merchant. Sometimes there is an interruption and if the payment does not pass through or on the website may experience problems in the script. Always make sure you receive a confirmation and a receipt for your protection. A clearly defined in the purchase process should be available on the site so you know what to expect and how to interact with them in case of problems.

Do you have a return or refund policy?

Even under the best circumstances, sometimes the product you ordered is not what you expect or want. Can be damaged or missing. Whatever happens, it is important that you know the return or refund policy before ordering in case you must return your items. Some dealers may charge a restocking fee, needed to obtain RA # before returning and then people who do not accept returns or give refunds. Return Policy must also be taken into account in all the merchant's website. If you do not see again, contact customer service and information requests. Knowing this in advance will save you much grief if you end up have to send your purchase again.

These days online shopping is easier and safer than it was years ago. Technology has increased security and encryption software for credit card processing fast and secure for both merchants. In just a few mouse clicks you can buy anything and send it to your door. Just use your head, spend wisely and safely on shopping online .


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