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Nathan Kartchner

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Another day at work, another day of playing solitaire to ease the boredom. You quickly organize the suits with practiced ease. The cards fall obediently into their proper stack as you rapidly create order out of card chaos. You are the master of your domain… You’re so elated at your latest solitaire success that you fail to notice your manager darkening the doorway of your cubicle. The heavy hand of authority falls on your shoulder and you realize that this is the end of your game-playing escapades.

Sure, you could be working, adding value to the company, contributing to the corporation’s success. But where’s the fun in that? But it’s not just fun. A study by the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands suggests that game-playing at work increases productivity, morale, and reduces absenteeism. So really, you’re giving the company a better employee with your solitaire-playing escapades.

Surprisingly, somehow this logic doesn’t always jive, particularly in more conservative workplaces. However, don’t let this dissuade you in your attempts to give your company more. There is a solution for your gaming distress: enter the Iomega Monitor Rearview mirror, available at This handy little mirror fits neatly in the corner of your monitor, giving you a wide rear vista, which prevents unpleasant surprises from behind.

I suppose that this mirror has other uses other than to act as an early-warning boss detection unit. Actually, we had one of these things installed in our monitor at home to prevent sneak attacks by siblings. For those with hypertension, this could be a great solution to prevent possibly deadly jolts caused by unannounced cubicle visitors. And for the computer user who has everything, this mirror is the perfect accessory.

So don’t allow restrictive company policies to stunt your productivity. Get one of these mirrors and watch your morale soar. And if anybody asks you, you didn’t hear about this here.

Nathan Kartchner is a copywriter for Sewell Direct, an online retailer of obscure computer accessories (such as the Iomega Rearview Monitor Mirror) and connectivity products, like the USB to Serial Adapter.


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