Internal Politics at Work Place

Arvind Katoch

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Many times we see lot of people leaving their jobs because they found the work place politics affecting their life. Internal politics involving the people at work place are some times bad and avoidable. These politics not only affect the normal working of job, but also may some time cause people to quite their jobs. This results in lose of human resource of a company. To get the good people for working in the organization is a difficult task. However by ignoring the internal politics at work place can cost the companies dearly.

People usually want to be remaining in group; they do not like others to enter their group. This tendency sometimes made lot of subgroups in the office. For every group the agenda of their group is more important than what is required. They try to promote the people in their group more over the others. They sometimes also try to let down the people of other group. This creates inter group rivalries. One group try to hinder the work of other group, in this they even forget the goals of organization. Group rivalries are most common and can be seen in big offices where lot of people work. These group politics are one of reason for collapse of work due to the non corporation and are of great cause of low performance.

Second politics is seen in individual basis. Many people try to be smart and play with the emotions of other. They are not associated to any other, still they are in all group. They pretend to be the friends of many, but actually they are with nobody. There main purpose is to achieve own results. They create misunderstanding between the people. They remove their enemy by creating a bad image for them in others eye. They never fight their enemies directly, but provoke others to take revenge for them. They try to make their enemy alone by creating misunderstanding with his friends. They make the person alone and then become friend of it. Now they know the secret about him and upon feasible time use them against him. In this way they are able to remove their enemy without fighting him directly. These kinds of politics are most dangerous and to know that some one is doing it against us is a difficult task. This kind of politics is main reason behind the many, who leave their jobs?

So we should be alert of politics on the work place and try to avoid indulging in them. Indulging in them may unnecessary cause use lot of difficulties and simultaneously should aware about the others politics about us.



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Privacy Rights in the Work Place
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