Saying No to Customers

Cathy Stucker

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It happened again, just the other day. Someone called, ready to order a product from me-and I talked her out of it. Does that sound crazy to you? Maybe it is, but I think it is a good business practice, and it is the honest and ethical thing to do in some circumstances.

In this case, the product she called about wasn't right for her. I would rather not make that sale than have a customer who is unhappy with her choice to buy from me. Will she return and buy something else someday? Maybe. And if she does, she knows that I will be looking out for her best interests-not just to make the sale.

Although I don't want to give the impression that this happens all the time, it has happened before. Sometimes I recommend an alternative product or service, such as suggesting that a class might be more beneficial than a consultation. Other times, simply offering honest answers and information helps the customer decide whether or not a purchase is right for them. I won't refuse to sell to a customer, but I will always be honest with them.

What reputation do you want to have-that of the person who will sell anything to anyone, or the person who will make an honest effort to best meet the needs of your customers (even if that sometimes means not making the sale today)?

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Getting to Know Your Customers - Happy Customers Make for Happy Profits
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