Maintain A High Ethical Standard In Your Business 100% Of The Time - 5 Principals of Success

Greg Nicholls

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Business ethics maintained as a high standard in your business 100% of the time should not be an option, it should be your rule, a rule never to be broken!

Seems simple enough right? Then do it! Always!

OK, here is the thing; those of us that choose to operate with business ethics 100% of the time, never have too much to worry about. If you are treating others the way you wish to be treated in business, then more times than not, you will be dealing with people that share the same principals.

This is as easy as remembering the truth; you always remember the truth, it is hard to remember a lie unless you are well practiced at it. So if this is you, please do not call me! I was taught long ago that if you want to know the secret to building a long term and strong business, it has to be done with ethics.

So I would like to share with you 5 Principals of Success with the standard practice of business ethics:

1) You are who you do business with: If the person you are considering doing business with, or the person you are already doing business with is openly or seemingly un-ethical, then do not do business with them. You are or will be compromising the future of your business if you go down this slippery slope.

2) Be fair and honest in your dealings: Ensuring that you always give a fair price and always honestly represent yourself, then down the road it will come back to you in either repeat or referral business.

3) Be up front: The customer will appreciate it and likely do more business with you if there are no surprises. Make sure that everything is disclosed and that there is nothing that a client could come back to you to say that they want there money back because you left something out.

4) Think like a customer: If you think this way, you will likely have a much better relationship with your customers; as there will be a greater understanding of what is expected in the transaction experience.

5) Be prepared to walk away: Part of maintaining high ethics is the willingness to walk away from potential business if it does not meet the utmost ethical standard. If the business is meant to be, then you will still get it, but on your terms.

I have been in business for many years and have seen many companies come and go. The ones that really stick around to do well are the companies with uncompromising business ethics that are managed by people that maintain high ethical standards 100% of the time.

Because YOU Deserve Money!

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