The Grit in Integrity


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Igniting your workplace with a sense of integrity and joy- sounds lofty, huh? Truth be told the joy naturally follows from the integrity. Ever worked in a place that lacked integrity? I'm betting you didn't have much joy there did you? What is it that makes a place be filled with integrity?

Webster's defines integrity as an unwavering commitment to a firm moral code. In my experience it is much simpler. It is doing the right thing no matter who is- or isn't- watching.

Take the grocery cart back.
Don't detour to go to Walmart after your sales call & submit that on your mileage report.
Show up where you say you'll be- when you say you'll be there.
Keep the deal you said you'd make.
Don't “borrow" the powerwasher from work.
Eat your green vegetables.
Expect to earn your salary- there is a reason it is called work.
Listen to your customers.
Inform and educate your customers.
Tell them the truth.
Don't hide debt in off-balance sheet subsidiaries.
Refrain from price gouging.
Staying in a workplace that lacks integrity will soil your soul.

and a few specific ones for our friends in healthcare:

Adhere to the patient's wishes.
Ask patients their names- AND what they want to be called.
Tell them your name & what in the heck you're doing to them.
Worry about your scope of expertise not your scope of reimbursement.
Inform the patient- even if the new knowledge may cost you as a practitioner money.
Create a medical treatment plan not an insurance cost/benefit plan.
Remember “getting creative" is often a translation for “Fraud".
Demented patients do not benefit any differently from weekly psychotherapy than they do from a volunteer visit.
They actually benefit more from a visit from their dog.
Don't order a dermatology consult on an actively dying patient.
Find out what quality of life means to your patient before initiating heroic measures in terminal conditions.
Remember that no one ever has to die in pain.
Greet every day with love in your heart.

You'd be surprised at how few have the grit and the courage to adhere to these standards and demand them in their workplace. I met such a person today. She walked away from money and convenience and ease in the name of ethics and integrity- on multiple occasions. She simply has no stomach for grey areas when it comes to doing the right thing. She has paid dearly both personally and professionally for these high standards.

comfortable salary $320,000
retirement plan $1,000,000
health benefits $1,500,000
vacation, etc $600,000
ability to look self in mirror priceless- & that comes with a free dose of positive role modeling for her kids.

What are you teaching your kids?

What do you see when you look yourself in the mirror?

MICE exists to ignite a sense of integrity and joy in your workplace or organization. We strive to make your workplace the place you most want it to be, and you the type of worker you most want to be. We do this by providing continuing education programs to healthcare professionals; customized consultation, training and direction to businesses; as well as entertaining and inspiring motivational seminars. MICE President and Owner, Jackie Barnes, is a licensed clinical Social Worker with an MBA who has over 20 years of healthcare experience in both clinical and managerial roles. Contact her at .


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