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A place for Entrepreneurs to hang out. Strategies of Interest to Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Raising, Managing Intense Growth Curves, How to Establish Your First Management Team, Entrepreneurial Leadership Skill Development, Coping Skills for Lonely Entrepreneurs, Traits & Case Studies of Successful Entrepreneurs and any other article relating to the joy of being an Entrepreneur. * Must not include Home-Based-Business articles or articles that focus on the small business aspect more than the entrepreneurial aspect.
Latest Articles

Contemplate Your Business Navel

 Ana Weber (June 08, 2007)  One invites opportunity when one is ready to receive, to give and to grow. When we think clearly about the time we spend at work, ir reaching the career we so deeply feel for, or build the business that attracted us with such a charm or perhaps develop the skills we get attached to, we simply realize that at least 1/3 of our lives is devoted to that. So why is it so important to color .. (Entrepreneurialism)

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Taking Control of Your Time

 Miles Galliford (June 07, 2007)  After all, the most common reason for people to start their own businesses is to allow them to take control of their lives and find a better work-life balance. How much Much is your Your Time Worth? Let's say you want to earn £30,000 / $50,000 per year from your business. After weekends and holidays, you work 200 days of the year and you do 10-hour days. That means your time is worth .. (Entrepreneurialism)

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