A Solo-Entrepreneur Syndrome - Do You Stop and Don't Know it?

Beth Woodward

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Are you stopping . . . and don't know it? Are you stopping . . . and don't show it? If you're stopping . . . you won't grow it? So STOP it!

Sound a little corny? Well, it's really not. I was working on a product recently and continued to re-record 1 section to the point it was getting out of hand. I kept saying, “Why do I keep messing this up - why can't I be done?" Then I realized - I didn't want it to be done because that means I would need to launch it. That means I need to show it to the world. I had no idea I was stopping in the form of “perfection" with my recording.

Another reason for stopping; those infamous doubtful voices. I bet you think I'm just beginning in my business. . . hardly! I've been in business since 1999 and it still amazes me that I can get stopped. What that tells me is that I am human. The good thing is, I noticed I was stopped very quickly. In my earlier years it took me a long time to figure it out. Ah, the power of time and learning.

Do you have a product or a service you are creating? Are you excited to get it out to your audience but it's being detained? Take a good look at what's slowing down the process - or stopping it.

Of course, there are the technical pieces that can get in the way or it needs more time to complete. If you find yourself hedging or finding other things you can be doing versus completing what you started, what's going on? What stops us?

Fear! What if someone actually buys this, then what?

Doubt! Is my product or service good enough?

Lack of Self-Confidence! I don't have what it takes to really pull this off!

Frustration! I don't think this is worth more than 10 bucks - why bother?

Comparing to Others! Someone is already out there with a similar product. No one would buy mine over his or hers.

Humiliation! What if someone comes back and says they don't like it?

All great reasons to STOP. . . or are they? You stepped in entrepreneurship for a reason. What was it? Originally, mine was because I got tired of the corporate buyouts and having others control my day. Now I'm in it to help others through their marketing struggle - to help them find their inner marketer. We all have one you know. Think about the reason you took the step and what you have created to help others.

One consistent challenge that happens is we get too close to our work. I'll share a little trick I learned. When you're going through any of the emotions listed above, think about those people you want to help. Think about those people you KNOW you can help. Your space gets so much bigger and once you think of someone else beside yourself, those emotions turn to passion.

Keep that passion in front of you with the vision of all the people waiting for your product or service. You have connected with you audience for a reason. They are attracted to you and what you offer. Don't deprive them by stopping your process - your gifts. NOTHING is perfect. We all have a work in progress.

Beth Woodward, CPCC, CEK (Chief Executive Kid) is the creator of the popular “MY WAY" Marketing Plan and The Top 10 “MUST KNOW" Marketing Basics for Success. Receive the FREE 5-Step e-course How To Market Your Way! http://www.marketingontheplayground.com


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