Why Become a Property Developer

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The exciting thing about property development is that any one with reasonable financial backing can get into it. In this article we shall discuss the attractions of property development.

One of the principle reasons behind the growing popularity of property development is the anticipated return on investment. Unlike the stock market which is unpredictable and therefore somewhat scary, property prices in the UK have risen steadily since 1945, not withstanding a few cyclical downturns.

Therefore many people rightly believe that so long as you buy carefully, conduct thorough research, renovate in the interests of your target market and budget carefully; there is a lot of money to be made in property development.

As a result the way that property developers are perceived has changed over the years. Property development is no longer the preserve of ruthless big business but is open to anyone who can afford to pay a mortgage and building costs. As such, more and more people are quitting their day jobs to become property investors, lured by the attraction of quick and sizable profit.

As well as offering large profits, property development also provides a creative way to make money for those who want a career change. Unlike most office jobs, if you are a property developer you do not have to sit at your desk all day- quite the reverse in fact. Property developers spend most of their working day on site supervising their projects or out in the field talking to estate agents and local planning authorities.

Furthermore, as there are no specific training or qualifications required, property development really is a democracy of ability. Anyone who has an aptitude for it can be a property developer, regardless of their professional or education background.

The other reason why barriers to entry are so low is that you do not need overheads to be a property developer since most of the work is carried out on site. This means that all the necessary investment goes on purchasing and renovating the property and turning it around for a profitable sale.

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