Can You Fight City Hall - How Far Should We Go to be a Maverick

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Can you fight city hall? The answer is yes and no. That's right, you have to pick your battles. For example, and of you who have read know that I am still dealing with a few issues from my ‘previous life’. The issues deal with the IRS. That's right your truly is a grade A first class tax pro-test-er, or at least that is what the IRS would tell you. So how can a person with my history say you can't fight city hall. Well because of the story of one of the lawspeakers of Iceland. Iceland was surrounded by countries that had converted to Christianity. These countries were threatening economic restrictions as well as war if Iceland did not convert. Iceland had its ‘congress’ meet and some of the folks wanted to convert and some did not. All agreed to abide by the decree of the Law Speaker. He decided, after much contemplation, that Iceland should change to a Christian country, but the people could still do what they wanted behind closed doors.

I can hear you know, 'What in the heck does that have to do with making money?’ Well it has a bunch to do with making money. Let me explain. When you are working towards a financial goal, you must be brave, you must be innovative, and you must not make powerful enemies. If you are successful you are going to make lots of people mad, but as in the example above the lawspeaker made many people mad, but the surrounding countries were satisfied. He made some enemies, as any successful person will, but he avoided war with countries that would have destroyed Iceland. At the same time he did not make the people give up their beliefs, on either side.

Am I saying you can not stand for something? No! Am I saying you must give up your beliefs to be successful? No! I am saying that if you swim against the current of the Mississippi river, you're gonna drown. You must find a way to stick to your guns and still not fight all the time. If you spend all your time fighting, you will never have any time for what is important, making money.

I guess what I am saying is that you have to go against the grain, but don't go overboard. Make sure your are different and original enough to be distinctive, but avoid situations in which you are fighting just to stay afloat.

I hope this makes sense. Until next time:

Get the Barbarian Mind Set and keep it. Stay trú to yourself and your family and the rest will work itself out.

Everte Farnell is a author and speaker and professional coach. In May of 2003 Everte was a divorced broke single father. Two and a half years later Everte is a happily married father of two. The company he and his wife worked to build supplies his family with a six figure income, and his children are happy healthy and well adjusted. He lives a life that many dream of. It is the life that he dreamed of in May of 2003.

In October of 2005 he released his book “The Barbarian's Guide to Success" and is dedicated to helping other realize their dreams. He is a straight forward, politically incorrect, figure and makes very little time for detractors. He often says “So many ‘coaches’ have made their money by coaching. I do everything I coach. It is important that people know that I have faced or do face the same challenges they face. Life is an integrated process. Your professional life must support your personal and family life and vice versa, otherwise you will never find true success. " Everte Can be reached at his web page


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