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How To Be An Entrepreneur


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All of us come to this world being equal, but some experiences make us exceptional. Success stories of world-class entrepreneurs tell us that so many abused, mistreated and the most challenged people achieved so much more than others. Question is: what makes people achieve big things? How did college drop-outs like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs build their businesses? Where did they get entrepreneurship ideas?


We all love it and it makes us happy in one way or another. Staying in the comfort zone feels okay. You’re surrounded by friends and family, you got that 9-5 job, you drive that Ford Focus, and you don’t think too much about the future and you’re coping with anxiety.

Living In A Lie

6 AM Monday morning, you wake up. Cup of coffee, quick breakfast and you’re off to meet the day: same road, same traffic, same people, same office, and same job. You get back home, grab can of beer or glass of wine and turn the TV on. News: crime, accidents, wars, drugs, corruption. They want you to see that. They know what people really like – bad news. Deep down there we all enjoy it and that’s how they keep their ratings up. It’s all about making money folks, and it’s bad for you. TV, Newspapers, Magazines are full of this “noise” and crap from all around the world – telling you what to eat, what to wear and what kind of toothbrush to buy. Soon you will be asking yourself: “How to get out of this depression?”.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

So you may start wondering how to become successful in life? How to get rich quick? Or what career suits me best? If you talk to people who have succeeded they will tell you what makes the difference in their lives. And many of them will tell you they don’t watch TV, they don’t read all that crap in the newspapers and they don’t believe what government tells them. They have their own perception of life and that is what makes the biggest difference. Perception is everything. “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out”. People like Tony Robbins , Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield may inspire you and teach you how to deal with depression and anxiety that today’s routine creates. Tony Robbins’s seminars can really make a difference in your life. While you may be sceptic, if you have a secret desire to succeed, you will discover the “other” way of doing things. Opportunities will appear and you will see what makes the “difference”. You will learn how to be an entrepreneur.


At that moment you may think - now it’s the perfect time to change everything and you might grab that opportunity. However, all this change will bring more questions and you may not have all the answers. This can overwhelm you; you might want to try doing things differently, but now the comfort zone will be gone – you will feel lost. It might look like a huge mess; friends and family will discourage you.


Don’t give up! It all depends on how much you want. At some point you will hate it, but it’s how much you really want to succeed. How much you want that new lifestyle, new car, new connections, and new relationship? Most of people give up because they don’t want that. They don’t want that so much. So they go back to their daily routines, their comfort zones and settle with the average. And it’s not bad, but is that what you really want? “Not bad”?

Your Goal

So how to get rid of anxiety? You will face the worst just before you get it. All of the entrepreneurs can tell you that. When you hit the wall, remember, there’s money and success on the other side of it. So you have to climb all over it, stay enthusiastic, stay bold and stay brave. There’s no elevator to success, all of us have to take the stairs. I’m not saying it will be easy, I am saying it will be worth it .


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Being a Entrepreneur
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