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Credit Card Tax Deductions for Small Businesses


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One of the major problems that we usually meet when we decide to establish our own business is the financial support. Getting a business credit card is one of the ways in order to fund our own business. This is a less hassle way of getting funds compared to applying for a loan from banks. You also get to have many benefits like points, and many more that can help you develop your business. Having a business would mean that you are obliged to pay tax. This is where your credit card will be of big help. There are ways on how to determine your tax deductions.

Travel expenses and business meetings
When you go on a trip related to your business, you can always use your business credit card in paying your airline tickets as well as your hotel accommodation. Likewise, when you have business meetings with clients in restaurants, take advantage of your business credit card by paying your bills using it. With this, you can also earn rewards.

Business purchases
For sure, you will be spending so much for the materials that you will need for your business. This will be a good way to earn benefits aside from increasing your credit rating. In addition, any credit card purchase will be tax deductible. So make sure that you use your business credit card when purchasing even the smallest items that are related to your business.

Consumption costs
In line with having business, you also spend not just for materials but also for your consumptions such as electricity and internet connection. It is better to use your business credit card in paying these bills. In this way, you put more expenses that are tax-deductible on your credit card.

Employee benefits
When you have started to hire employees, their benefits, such as health insurance, are tax-deductible as well. This means that the more employees you have, the more tax-deductible expenses you get. You can even include employee's pension plan and retirement accounts.

Marketing and promotion
When you are selling products, you also need to do some marketing and promotion in order for the people to know about them. Of course, advertisements are a part of becoming successful with your business. All the materials needed for advertisements will also be tax deductible.

Through this, you also establish business credit of yours. In order for you not to get confused, always remember to separate your personal and business purchases. Only purchases related to your business are tax-deductible. Tax is truly a burden to every business owner. However, there are ways on how to reduce the tax amount that will be paid. Make a checklist of the tax deductions of your small business so that you will be guided.


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Manage Your Finances With A Small Business Credit Card
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