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How to Easily Attract Clients Who Are the Perfect Match for You

Wilson Sharon

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One of the biggest things that people want to learn about is how to attract new and potential clients. Regardless of what industry you are in, what product you are selling or what service you are providing, being able to attract the right client is the key. As a Heart-Centered entrepreneur, it is even more important to attract clients that are a vibrational match to you as well, but how do you do this?

To begin with, you have to identify any stories that you are telling yourself that might be preventing you from having the success and obtaining the clients that you desire. You have to be able to move past your fears and block out any doubts that have the potential to sabotage your business and your life. You do this by acknowledging that certain issues exist, but also by realizing that this is just your current perception. This is an important first step! When you focus on what is not working or have any doubts about what is not going to work; you are activating these things in your life, attracting the same negative elements that have held you back in the past.

Now that you have practiced “self-coaching” on your own stories, you are ready to help others. The next step is to connect with your future clients by opening up your heart to serve them in the highest possible way. When you are able to connect at this energy level, you can then begin to set things in motion that will allow you the chance to talk to them, and talking to them really will be simple, as then you will truly believe that you can help them get the results that they desire.

This is where service, not selling, comes into position. If you are selling something, you are focusing your energy on closing the deal or on getting the person to give you something. With service, it is exactly the opposite. When you fully believe that something can be better for someone and truly desire to serve them so that they can better achieve their goals, you impact their life on a level that selling will never do. All you have to do is see and feel the client as they want to be, not as they currently are, and remove the pressure. If they are a match for your vibrational level and your ideal client, then there will be a connection established that is not forced, sales like or difficult. They will see the value in what you are offering, even through a very low key conversation.

To be honest, many people do not even realize that they have been searching for someone to help them until they make this kind of connection. When they do have that “aha” moment though, they will be more than willing to compensate you and be overjoyed that they have found the answer to their prayers.

So, attracting clients that are the perfect match for you is really as simple as having a system laid out and engaging in powerful, heart filled conversations with people who you feel called to serve. If you have the calling, relax in knowing that the perfect vibrational matched clients are out there for you. You just need to be ready when they come into your energy.

Sharon Wilson, founder of Coaching From Spirit, helps people learn how to coach themselves and business owners sync self-coaching with leading-edge business strategies. Sign up at for Sharon’s free eBook:Empowered Spiritualpreneur Guidebook.


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