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Microsoft And The Next Moving


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Current period is a time transformation of many companies, from fledgling startup to the big veteran of the tech world, including giant Microsoft.

After several decades of existence and development, the company has realized that I need to change many things to be able to grow further in the technology market increasingly fierce competition today. Microsoft no longer is a company specialized in the production of software (including operating systems), with a brand name hardware such as Xbox and Zune. Microsoft has really built for his own line of products with the strategy, completely different from the original “software" in the first year.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, CEO Steve Ballmer had some answers revolved around Microsoft's current strategy, such as: “I think, looking forward, we remain confident strength software. But you also will think of us as a company and service equipment. fact, our software will increase the power of devices and services, but it is very different from the model type of freight service. “

Thus, although the current Microsoft has focused on developing the field of software, but they also keep an eye on these devices can help expand the scope of use of the software. This actually is not a new message to those who are interested in technology. However, look at what Microsoft is conducting, we will feel the changes they are making are great. The following article will be a bit more careful analysis of the change “a lot of people who know".

Based on the statements of founder Bill Gates is synthesized in his impatient optimist, one can see the change of Microsoft from 1994 to 2008.

- In cooperation issues:

"Microsoft's success is based on the cooperation since the establishment. " (In The Road Ahead, 1995)

- In the future directions:

"Microsoft is created to write great software. We do not intend to focus on other areas. We only hire, management and dissemination of these software products around the world. We never see ourselves as a service company. We have a production company. " (, 1997)

"Our business strategy from the beginning was a little different than the company exist at the same time. Certain we only focus on the creation of the software, not the hardware used to build , does not produce chips. software that's all. " (At San Jose State University, 1998)

- In the matter of the concentration of Microsoft:

"Oh, we can not do everything, and we have no intention of doing so. But we also did a lot of things and we have a long-term vision than anyone. " (PC Magazine, 2008)

Thus, according to the Citation are arranged in chronological order by the founder Bill Gates said, it was obvious change in the business direction of Microsoft. Wintel (Windows-Intel) is the relationship partner that Gates mentioned from the early days of the establishment, which was originally supposed to be Windows - IBM. Alliance “divine" between the one side is the most popular operating system - the heart of the software - with a side of processor chip - the heart of the hardware has brought to the “landing" massive computer individual human life in the early ‘90s.

However, until recently, from the birth of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, strong Wintel alliance has appeared many splits. The main reason is because Windows 8 has begun to support multiple chip platforms of other vendors, eliminating the monopoly of the x86 platform from Intel. This would have to make Intel feel less hot with his longtime business. With the success of the ARM platform on mobile devices, denied the existence of this platform is almost a “can not" in strategy “stuffed" Windows 8 on mobile devices such as Tablet and Laptop.

The next two quotes Bill Gates said then only 2 or 3 years. 97-98 years time, Gates has tried to Microsoft's idea of ​​a negative development of both hardware and services. Yet, that's exactly what his company is doing. Microsoft is moving to the SaaS (Software as a Service, roughly translated as software and services), for example office suite Office also participated in the service, “cloud" to everyone in the community network can have the same experience. Or as Microsoft Surface tablet device may also compete directly with its hardware manufacturing partners.

Last quoted Gates said in 2008. By that time, he insisted that Microsoft is a company that aims to limit the software, and that to do everything is not possible. But at the same time, Gates also confirmed in the latter, that his company is a company with long-term thinking and vision. That also means, more adaptive to change with time, Microsoft can completely differently oriented their original claims. They can not have a service company, but they have always considered their own products, including equipment and software, as a service type.

In short, Microsoft has always been to create software, it all right from the beginning until now. But now, they not only created the software. Giant Microsoft has time and “wing moult change" an increasingly clear in front of us with the ambition to become more powerful with the broader strategy. This change is such a gamble. If successful, they will bring more profit and that will be the foundation to develop more software as well as other modern equipment. What about vice versa? Sure they will become greedy fail. Obviously, any change that does not contain unexpected risks, we can only monitor and wait.

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