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Many companies and individuals alike are well aware that storing important information and personal possessions can give peace of mind and protect against accidental damage or theft. While the traditional means of safeguarding these items are still in use, many have also turned to offsite storage, as this option offers many added benefits. It is necessary to examine a few of the top reasons why secure, third party storage is often times the preferred option.

Storing documents and other valuables offsite offers a level of security that otherwise would prove nearly impossible to duplicate. These facilities are maintained by professionally-trained staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The sites themselves are not only guarded by sentries, but access to individual storage rooms is further controlled by either a non-copyable key or electronic card system whereas only authorised personnel have the ability to access controlled areas.

Climate Control
Although data storage in the electronic age is becoming more and more commonplace, many businesses and individuals still have the need to safeguard physical documents. These could be last wills and testaments, property deeds or any other number of highly sensitive materials. This is particularly true in regards to law firms and other larger organisations which while although much of their clients’ information may be stored on computerised systems, they also are required to keep hard copies of this information. Storing this data on-site may jeopardise its condition due to unknown variables in temperature and humidity. Such factors can actually destroy documents over time, or at the very least render them illegible and therefore of little value to both the company and client alike. The environmental factors in offsite storage facilities are monitored carefully. Temperature and moisture content are maintained so the owner of sensitive documents, precious antiques or other potentially sensitive materials can be guaranteed that their condition will not deteriorate whatsoever.

Not only do these sites offer security and carefully controlled conditions, they are convenient as well. The information may be accessed at any time; day or night by any authorised personnel. It is also important to note that these facilities are often used when a company or individual decides to change locations. For instance, when moving house, many choose this storage method as opposed to risking damage or theft by having their possessions stored temporarily in a truck or other less secure location. Similarly, businesses can also be assured that they are entrusting their materials with trained professionals as opposed to a commercial moving company.

Numerous Clients
A storage company has the ability to attract a wide variety of clientele; from families to small business to multinational conglomerates. Consumers and commercial operations are increasingly turning to this option, as it offers the guarantee and security that few other possibilities can match. This is especially true in the case of offsite data storage of aging documents, as companies now realise that their livelihood directly depends on their customers’ satisfaction. These facilities can attract a divers customer base and this market is expected to increase dramatically in the years to come. Graeme is writing on behalf of the storage company - Glasswells


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