Taking Credit Card Payments Without Getting Taken

Roxanne Ravenel

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As entrepreneurs, particularly ones with shallow pockets, we are always looking for ways to improve customer service without “breaking the bank. " Accepting credit cards is certainly one way to offer your clients convenience and flexibility in a way that will open up an opportunity for increased sales. The dizzying array of credit card acceptance options has left many small business owners confused. Should you just rely on PayPal alone or should you open a merchant account? Will you need a shopping cart? If so, which one?

Do your research and weigh your options carefully. Otherwise, you'll be scratching your head everytime you get your bank statement wondering why an $840 charge cost you $80 when you were promised a discount rate of 2.9%. Find out exactly how many companies will be involved, each with their hand in the your proverbial cookie jar, and dig up some background information on their customer service. If you don't you could end up with elevated blood pressure, carpal tunnel, from a series of increasingly vexing emails, and a phone growing out of your ear as you grow slightly older while waiting for their version of a customer service rep to answer the phone. (I'm not bitter, really).

Bobette Kyle of Web Marketing Place offers an overview of credit card acceptance using eCommerce written in laymen's terms here. Use her advice and, did I mention, DO YOUR RESEARCH? If you choose carefully you will end up with a happy solution to the needs of both you and your customers that will have you asking your clients, “Paper or plastic?" in no time at all.

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Credit Card Allocation Of Payments Clause
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