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Entrepreneurial Woman - Are You Doing What You Really Want?


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What would you do for free?

That's right. What do you love doing so much that you'd do it for absolutely nothing?

Yes, it's the ultimate dream of a lifetime: Doing what you do just for the love of it, not simply for the money, but getting paid for it anyway.

The primary reason people stay stuck in careers or jobs that don't suit, or fulfill them is to pay the bills-to survive. To put it quite frankly, it's desperation that keeps them there which is always rooted in fear. They're afraid that if they stop running in the rat race, they'll perish. But, this just isn't true.

How much money would it take for you to finally start living life as you'd have it?

If you are like me when I began my business, I really had no idea how much money I actually needed to live, let alone what it would take for me to do what I love to do: write and train. Of course, I had a presumption of what I spent on a monthly basis, but not an exact figure of expenditures. Then the other problem was that I was not completely sure of my goals, what I wanted to accomplish and the direction of my business. This made it virtually impossible for me to have any kind of idea what I needed in terms of finances and other resources.

If you don't have a definite vision, or some kind of working framework for what it is that you love doing, it's just going to be a dream or hobby in your mind. You'll just resolve yourself to doing it on your down time, or when you don't have to make money for other people. This is a waste because you are not living out your purpose.

Knowing what you love to do is just the starting point to getting out of survival mode. Talents aren't meant to be toyed with when you're not involved in something more important. Look deeper into what's driving your interests, which many of us never get to do because they're viewed as hobbies and therefore are not taken seriously. This is a huge mistake. When you do self-discovery work, you'll become aware of all the time you've been wasting chained to the fear/desperation pattern.

It is essential to stop and listen to yourself, really find out why you are here, what your purpose is and figure out a plan of direction. These are questions you have all the answers to, you just may need a little help remembering or finding them.

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