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Make Concrete Blocks - Build Your Own Concrete Block Machine


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Making concrete blocks is a highly profitable enterprise. There is a constant strong demand for them. They are a basic commodity which is used in building projects all over North America and as a matter fact around the world.

Concrete blocks are not here today gone tomorrow gadgets which are in demand today but not next year. They are a necessary item for many types of building from large commercial projects to garages or backyard barbeques. As long as building is going on anywhere the demand will continue.

For the entrepreneur who wants to start a really solid business, with low startup cost, the concrete block business is a perfect opportunity. It is possible to start in your garage or backyard, using home made hand molds, to easily make one hundred blocks daily. One person can accomplish this in a good day's work. You can make the necessary molds from plywood and sheet metal which can be easily done in a home workshop.

It is easy to start part time, working evenings and weekends, and to gradually build a very profitable full time business. All that is required is the home made molds and a supply of Portland cement, gravel, sand and water. The start up cost is minimal and excellent profits are possible.

Working from home, with low overhead cost, you have a major advantage over large concrete block manufacturers who have to pay for business premises and wages.

Concrete products are heavy and bulky so the cost of transporting them to a building site from distant points is considerable. You have no such transport costs and can supply concrete products to local buyers at a highly competitive price and still make a handsome profit.

Needless to say, one person working alone, with hand molds, will be limited in production. Working part time may soon not be enough to fill the demand for your products.

You will now be at the point where you can go full time in this profitable business. You will also need to get a concrete block making machine which will make hundreds of blocks per day. You will require help and enough space to store the blocks while drying. The blocks must be dried well before delivery to your buyers.

Buying a concrete block making machine is quite an expensive proposition. However if you want to keep the cost down there is another way. You can quite easily build your own concrete block machine.

Can you really build a machine yourself? Truthfully yes you can, and it is not a difficult project. There are plans with instructions available from which you can build a concrete block making machine.

The materials required are auto parts and sheet metal. Some welding is required. If this is not one of your skills a welding shop can do it for you. For just a few hundred dollars you can build a machine that works just as well as the expensive commercial machines.

You are now equipped to make concrete blocks in large quantities. You will be able to supply any building project, big or small, at a very good price.

Concrete block making as a business is a very good choice. There is strong demand for your products everywhere. By starting your business as I have discussed here you will be successful.

You can work at your present job till you are ready to take on a full time business, as and when the demand for your products grows. Why not find out some more about this great business opportunity? You have much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Want to know more about starting your own concrete block making business? How to build your own concrete block making machine? You will find lots of information here=> Make Concrete Blocks


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