Playing the Game Clean: Four Simple Steps To Actually Reaching Your Business Goals


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I don't know about you, but I have great goals. I don't mean that my goals are ‘better than anyone else's’ great. I mean massive. I mean ‘Alexander the Great’ great. And since I don't use his tactics, I assume I won't wind up with his fate!

Everyone wants to experience the rich results of their goals- personal, business, societal- it's what our lives are truly about. You may be find that despite all the books, the courses and the mentorships that you've looked to for help, instead of reaching your goals, the road is just getting longer! Not to worry, you may be closer than you think- there is just this ‘noise’ in the way.

Do you find on the way to your goals that the road can be out-of-focus or unclear at times?

Do you feel there is sometimes an inexplicable ‘interference’ that you just can't seem to put your finger on?

Do you wish that for once and for all someone else would just tell you what to do?

I know, me too. I was experiencing these conditions regularly, however I'm glad to share with you that this has been a break-through year for me. I can also share with you how I made it happen. I came to grips with the ‘noise’ in my head and dealt with it- once and forever. I can't say it was hard ‘work, ’ since we banned the word ‘work’ (because work is only work if you'd rather be doing something else); let's just say it was more like a vigorous game. . . like basketball.

You absolutely need to clean up your game and put that noise in its proper place, or if you choose, eliminate it. You're not afraid of some sweat when you play ‘basketball’ are you?

I‘ve had an advantage in solving this particular piece of the success puzzle. For more years than I'd care to admit. . . 30, there I've said it, happy? I have been helping people make things happen. It never matters what it is - a new company, a financial system, a customer service department, a marketing campaign, a product, a TV show, a virtual world-you name it, I can make it happen. Creating making plans for partners and clients is truly second nature to me. However with each blessing comes a lesson. Could I do it for myself? As it turned out, yes. I just had to deal with the ‘noise’ that is never present when I assist others.

When developing executable plans for others there is an inherent clarity because of a missing ingredient. Me. I mean not me specifically, the ‘me’ in the equation. Or, the ‘you’ in the equation when you are making it happen for yourself. I know this sounds strange but the ‘you’ or ‘me’ I'm referring to is the thoughts coming from our minds. Weird, huh?

I mean, seriously, thoughts are good aren't they? Or are they noise?

We all have wondered how professional athletes perform in major public venues, the noise of the crowd must be deafening. We just couldn't even imagine it. But there is another ‘noise’ that is even more destructive to them and us. . . the thoughts running through our minds. You are what you think, right? So we think ‘good’ thoughts and push bad ones away. We'll make the deal, nail the speech, have record sales, and donate a boatload to make the world a better place.

It wasn't until we completed the new book It's A BrandU Day: a journal to plant your success in the palm of your hand did I find a way to explain the condition I fought through, and with which I now help our Brand Warriors. In the book we share a process to transform fear to propel us forward. We describe fear as doubts, concerns, or limiting beliefs. And the process in the book helps to clean up thoughts created by fear.

However the success puzzle has many pieces and once we mastered one we discover there is but one more that needs attention. It is inherent in the process of mastery- the art of refinement- each piece of the puzzle solved. Until things become elegantly simple, they are not simple to execute. Simple is clear, concise, quiet and knowing.

Leaving our minds, via our thoughts, to its own device will provide a constant stream of chatter. Can you hear it right now?

"What is he talking about?"
“I've got to get to the store. "
“Looks like the article is almost done, I can hang in there. "
“The dog needs to go out. "
“Oh, I forgot to send that email. "

Perhaps those who've mastered meditation have mastered quieting their mind. Is it possible to operate in that state in every conscious moment?

Perhaps with great practice and care we can. Although, being in a meditative state and driving a car wouldn't be a safe thing to do. The goal should be to find the balance between a completely quiet unattached mind and one that is allowed to ramble endlessly.

You can then ‘think’ less; quiet the ‘noise’ and ‘feel’ more. When the thoughts you have are pure and clean without fear or confusion you can ‘feel’ your way through all decisions. Before taking any steps of a plan ‘feel’ what's right but don't over think it and let the noise back in. Exist in between the silence and noise, not at either end of the pendulum.

Take a ‘systems’ approach by cleaning up the ‘whole’ success system- one piece at a time making your path complete without leaving out any parts or components.

  • Clean your thoughts by knowing what fear (or whatever you choose to call it) truly is- an excellent mind doing an instinctual job. Once you can identify fear you can you can then convert it. Don't allow over thinking to be cloaked as being careful. ‘You are what you think’ is not only about good thoughts; it is about being clear and eliminating the ‘noise. '

  • Clean your communications by aligning yourself with what you do- because a successful business is deeply personal. Just because a ‘good’ marketing approach can sell anything, doesn't mean you should sell just ‘anything. ’ When you are aligned in your business, the communication of that business is clear, concise, sharp and clean. There is no ‘noise’ to confuse the prospective client or customer.

  • Clean your actions by being very conscious of how you spend your valuable time. You have the ability to make a great difference in the world and the clock is running. Get the help you need and focus on the tasks that propel you forward- now. Do only what you are suited to do, not what someone can do for you. Imagine having 80% of what you do advancing you toward your goal rather than the normal 20%. The speed at which you attain your goals will defy logic.

  • Get clean results by playing a clean game. Be on the look out for assistance and processes that can support your way of getting clean results without the ‘noise. ’ And every step along the way you will enjoy the results without overindulgence of self-pride or bragging (this is just a deceptive form of destructive noise).

    When economy of thought and action rules your day, your goals will be reached much easier and with more joy. Save the noise making for the celebration of gratitude when the goals you've established are achieved!

    So here's a clean simple thought in advance of the coming year, not a fleeting New Year resolution, listen and quiet the ‘noise. ’ Can you hear it?

    Kim A. Castle and W. Vito Montone, Co-founders BrandU™, Co-Authors of Why Brand: Big Business Success No Matter Your Size, It’s a BrandU™ Day, a fear transforming process and journal, and the BrandU™ Bible, the only step-by-step workbook for developing your business as a brand and proud members of The Dream Exchange. and

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