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Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Holiday Lighting Business


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The holiday lighting business, also known as the Christmas light installation business is a highly profitable and easy to operate business. Despite the growth of the industry and that it is one of the most solid opportunities an entrepreneur could find, the fact remains that there is very little quality information avail be to the public regarding this unique service.

Therefore this article will answer six of the most frequently asked questions relating to this industry:

1. How would you describe the holiday lighting business?

You will provide your customers with a professional Christmas light installation service that typically includes design, installation, and takedown. The price you charge will include all of the mentioned aspects.

2. Since this is a seasonal business how long does it run?

How long of a decorating season will depend on where you live and your goals as an installer. The absolute earliest you will be able to install lights would be October 1st, however these will be mostly large commercial jobs, your regular installs will begin after Halloween. The season usually runs for about 60 to 70 days and ends in mid January when you've taken down all the lights.

3. Is it easy to get customers to buy your Christmas light installation service?

Yes, in fact Christmas light installation is such a high demand service during the holidays that most installers find themselves turning away extra customers because they already have more than they can handle.

4. Do I need any special skills to operate this business?

No special skills or expensive degrees are required to start a light installation business. In fact, with the skills you have right now, you can probably make some very good money hanging lights. However to get you up to speed quicker, there are several courses available on the net that can teach you all you need to know in a matter of days.

5. What are the start up costs associated with a holiday lighting business?

You can have your business up and running for less that $2,500. In fact you can even start it for less and then add inventory as your company grows. This price includes business start up costs, equipment and material purchase. You probably already have some of the equipment you need sitting in your garage.

6. How much can I earn hanging Christmas lights?
Well like any business the sky is the limit depending on how well you run and grow your company, but the industry average is that a first year installer will make between $52,000 and $110,000 during the 65 day average season.

As mentioned above these are the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the holiday lighting industry and hopefully the answers to these questions have helped you form a more complete understanding of the Christmas light business .

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