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Work a Home-Based Business to Achieve Financial Freedom - Fact or Fiction?


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When you hear the term “American Dream", what comes to mind? Ask 100 different people this question and you're sure to get 100 different answers. Because of the wonderful nature of individuality, there is no one correct answer to this question. At the same time, I guarantee that if you were to ask this question of 100 different people, not a single one would say “to work for someone else". Sadly, however, millions of Americans spend their workaday lives trading their irreplaceable time for whatever few dollars their employer is willing to pay them; they are members of the “rat race".

It is my belief that all individuals stuck in the rat race want out. But, not everyone is willing to pay the price required. “Sure I want out", they'll say, “but I don't have the time or the money and I have no idea what to do about it". Frequently, for those brave soles who make a definitive decision to do something about getting out of the rat race, a home-based business seems to be a good way to go. The first steps usually taken are researching available opportunities.

The internet is undoubtedly a great place to research home-based business opportunity. You'd enter a few keywords into google and up comes hundreds of thousands - even millions - of results for you to comb through. Overwhelming indeed. And, to make matters stickier, much of what comes up is nothing more than noise; fraudulent nonsense put out there by some charlatan looking to prey on someone else's dream. It's just a sad fact of life that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Yes, there are many, many good, legitimate opportunities out there for anyone to build a substantial business of their own. As long as you can filter out the garbage, you're sure to find the right opportunity for you. So how is this done? How does one filter the good from the bad and the ugly? The real nuts and bolts of separating the good from the bad is beyond the scope of this article but I will address it in my next article.

What I'm about to tell you though is the number one, most important rule for achieving any kind of success in anything you do. And here it is: you absolutely MUST be passionate about what you do in order to achieve any kind of meaningful success. You HAVE TO love what you do. Nobody has ever achieved any level of success if the love of the endeavor is non-existent. Be clear on what you're passionate about, write it down, and that is where your research should begin. Taking this step alone will help to narrow your search and eliminate a good deal of the noise you'll encounter in your research.

It's a good bet that whatever resonates with you is something that you are passionate about. Does health and fitness resonate with you? Does technology resonate with you? Is it the planet? Politics? Legal services? What gives you that tingly feeling inside and gets you excited? I promise that if you start here, you will be on your way to finding the right opportunity for you while at the same time, avoiding a lot of the rampant fraud to be found online.

Rest assured however, the American Dream is alive and well and in my opinion has never, ever been as strong as it is today. With the popularity of the internet, the speed at which we can communicate with each other and the proliferation of technology in all facets of our lives, there has never been a better time to pursue your definition of The American Dream.

Please stay tuned for my next article where I'll discuss how to sniff out fraud and ensure that you'll only be pursuing legitimate opportunity.

Daniel Herzner is Founder and President of Transformation time Is Now dot com, located in White Plains, NY. Dan has been a serial entrepreneur for the better part of his adult life and has worked tirelessly at building businesses. His latest endeavor is a web site centered around providing resources to help others build a successful business of their own.

With a focus on separating real opportunity from all the fraud and scams out there, Dan brings his street smart approach to life on his web site. You can reach Daniel Herzner in one of the following ways- 914-525-2487


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Financial Freedom - How To Change Your Thinking And Achieve Financial Success
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