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A Venture Capital Boom is Coming


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A venture capital boom could well soon be on the horizon. With a bad economy comes opportunities not seen during the heady days of a heated economy and when things get quiet, that is when investors typically get a little more aggressive with their money.

It is true money becomes tighter in a downturn and lending criteria become stricter as consumers spend less. But what this means typically is that inflation grinds to a halt and deflation or even stagflation may even occur. This all points to opportunity and creates wide open doors for start ups with new ideas.

A booming economy is usually plugged up with dominating players large and small in all niches and segments of the economy. These successful elements of the financial community “make hay while the sun shines" This leaves very little room for new comer's. Young turks are satisfied just working for these larger more successful company's dominating the industry in every area. But in a downturn, they are let go during down sizing and so they go out on their own introducing new ideas and new business directions.

This is why I see a coming boom in venture capital investment. Because those same successful company's wind down and scale down their efforts as the profit margins decline they are cashed up from the period of good times and are looking to invest that capital in less risky investments rather than plowing the profits back into their respective businesses. They pull back their resources in an effort to maximize their returns. A downturn in the economy typically means new and original and unique ideas and R and D becomes a popular place to speculate with discretionary capital.

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a venture capital boom is coming

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Attracting Investments for Venture Capital
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