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Entrepreneur Ideas That Are Simple and Easy


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People often say that nothing is easy, that business is tough and that only fools believe otherwise. This mindset if you swallow that goop is a terrible result and if you believe something will be hard, you create inefficiencies yourself sub consciously that prove the belief you have. Believing something is hard makes it hard by your own perceived reality and that is unfortunate. But this article is not about psyche 101 however it is a valid point to realize that traditional wisdom especially about running a new business, is in error.

An entrepreneur is a professional and what a professional does above all things to separate themselves from a hobbyist or an amateur is that they GET PAID That is the difference. Some amateurs are actually more skilled at a similar activity than a professional. But a professional is called a professional because they add that other component to their activity known as profit.

A professional entrepreneur makes decisions based on this thing called profits and really not much else matters in terms of the activity. An entrepreneur therefore, to conduct business so he does indeed get paid does a simple thing first. He conducts a short study called a feasibility survey which allows him to consider the potential market and to understand what that market segment are thinking in terms of the idea and what they would be willing to pay.

Entrepreneur ideas that are simple and easy happen at this point after the feasibility study. If you do know all the crucial information about the potential market segment by actually physically going out into the street and meeting this market face to face and seeing say 100 of these individuals and asking the pertinent questions, you will see that everything that springs from there is pure and simple. . . profits.

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entrepreneur ideas that are simple and easy

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