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Young Entrepreneurs - Start Here!


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You know the hardest thing about becoming a successful young entrepreneur is often just getting started. Well, don't worry. I want to get you started on the right path to success as a young entrepreneur.

Firstly, let me commend your decision to build an income and lifestyle for yourself! This is a crucial first step that many young people never reach. Congratulations on having the guts to step out in faith and begin building a business.

So where do we go from here?

Well, first things first. I highly recommend that you pursue joining an existing team of young entrepreneurs. You'll need like-minded people if you're going to make it.

I also recommend Network Marketing to any serious young entrepreneur with real vision for success. The details are better left for another article entirely but here are a few of the reasons why I always suggest this to budding young entrepreneurs:

- Network Marketing companies will bring corporate support and stability to your career.

- No products to develop.

- No web design necessary and most companies give you the ability to take credit cards online

- Existing structure and support team

You really can't go wrong when you're first starting out by choosing Network Marketing.

Next - ask yourself:

How much do I want?

$32,000 a year?  $100,000? $1,000,000?

Whatever your financial goals are, you've got to set them in writing and keep them in front of you all the time. Listen, being a young entrepreneur is tough. It's gonna take some serious work and you'll need the encouragement. So keep your dreams and goals close at hand and whenever you're feeling down or frustrated or you just want to give up - have a look at your goals again.

Perhaps a better way to phrase this is, “what are you fighting for?"

A better life for your husband or wife? A house? The financial security to begin having kids?

What are you fighting for?

You've got to figure it out before we go any further.

So now that we've chosen our destination, let's talk about getting there.

Network Marketing is an incredible opportunity. No financial goal is too outrageous but I do recommend that you set reasonable time frames for achieving such financial goals. You're not going to build an income overnight, certainly not in the 6 - 7 figure range. It will take time and effort.

Here are some things to begin practicing:

Get your body clock together. Stop partying late into the night and crashing ‘til noon at home. Set a time to go to sleep and a time to rise every morning and be consistent. Your body may act like it hates you at first but tell it to get over it! This is your life, you're in charge. Your body will figure it out soon enough.

Set business hours. Work from a set of strict hours. If anyone asks you to do anything during those hours, tell them, “sorry I'm working. " This is what you had to do when you had a job. Your boss didn't just let you take off any time something “cool" was going down. Don't let people mess you around because you work from home. Take your business seriously.

That leads me right into my last tip - treat it like a business. Not a hobby.

If you work it as a hobby, you may make some hobby money but you won't make business money and you certainly won't make life changing money. So treat it like a business because that's exactly what it is.

Here's to your success as a young entrepreneur!

STOP! Your search is over.

The ultimate opportunity for any young entrepreneur.


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