Dancing to the Tune of that Elusive Dollar

Lee Lister

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Setting up a business that requires you to be young and fit enough to operate and excel, but really also requires some serious investment and business experience can be a challenge. Dancing for profit is always going to be difficult.

Fear not – you should start slowly with a minimum risk to your finances. Here is our suggestion for you:

  • Decide what kind of dancing you wish to offer and ensure that there is a demand for this within your neighbourhood. For example hip hop or salsa is not going to be too popular within a retirement area.
  • Offer your services as a trainer offering this dancing in a fitness studio, local club or sports club. This will give you some source of income and some exposure to your market.
  • Hire a suitable room or studio for a period of a month and then advertise a special dancing course for this period. Make it something catchy like “Salsa for the Nervous", “Hip Hop for the Happy" – what ever your dancing area is. Dancing for stay at home mums or weight loss seekers is always popular.
  • Contact all of your friends, people you have danced with in the past (don’t do it during your dancing classes you are giving above), your hairdresser, doctor, mailman etc and tell them about it.
  • Get some flyers made up announcing these classes – make it a very catchy name and a great price. Emphasise that you can only take so many!
  • Distribute the flyers all around your area – ask to leave them at the colleges, doctors, restaurants, clubs, hairdressers etc – anywhere you think that your potential clients will be!
  • Tell the local radio and newspapers about this great new idea you are starting.
  • Review the classes with your customers and ask them what else they would like to learn.
  • Make sure you get payment at the start of the class.
  • Test this out with several different types of classes.
  • As you become more experienced and knowledgeable about what people want – your empire will expand and you can hire the room for longer and more often. Your success will tell you when you can move onto your own studio.
  • Lastly enjoy yourself dancing to dollar!

    The basis of a good business is a good service aimed at people who want to buy it and can afford it – solve this puzzle and you have a good business.

    This is a great way to get experience, try out the market

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