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Donald Trump How to Get Rich and How He Got Rich 10 Reasons


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The Donald, how did he do it? Why is it that he is so rich in such a competitive business as real estate? Well let us look at 10 reasons why he is:

1. He has an unrivaled work ethic. His regular work routine is 7 days per week and at least a solid 10 hours per day; oftentimes more. He claims to sleep only 4 hours/ night so that he may get a complete edge on his competition.

2. He has an almost superhuman level of confidence and belief in himself. All the greats have this quality, but Trump completely exudes it in all situations. No matter what happens, good or bad, at the end of the day Donald Trump wins. It's not about what happens to him, but rather how he handles everything that happens to him.

3. He deals with the big picture in his business, not the details. He doesn't neglect these details however, he hires the best professionals in the business to handle them for him.

4. He is a master negotiator. Many have the assumption that his style is selfish and self-serving, based on the image that the media portrays of him, but this is the exact opposite of reality; he wouldn't have made it very far if this were his style. He is in fact a compassionate man that understands the human element of his deals. He creates win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

5. His word is his bond. He is not afraid to tell you that his properties are the best because he will actually deliver on his promises. This is the foundation behind his powerful brand.

6. The way he runs his operations is centered on the concept of being cost-conscious and profit-minded. He may be known for spending a bit to get the highest quality and luxury, but you better believe he gets the best price that can be had and doesn't waste money in the process.

7. Looking at all of the key moves he made in his career, the majority of them came when it was not popular to make such moves. They were in depressed markets where people were too afraid to even consider the magnitude of the deals Mr. Trump ended up completing. He moves counter to the herd mentality.

8. He learned from a great mentor, his father Fred. Having a great mentor show you the way will save you a lot of time and trouble.

9. Donald Trump never gives up. No matter how many times someone tells him no he understands that he is that much closer to a yes. If he didn't possess persistence, then he wouldn't have made such complicated deals in NYC that often took years to get off the ground.

10. He studies and takes time everyday to improve his mind. He is a man of continual learning because he understands that if he doesn't continue to get better he will stop being good. All great people are students of their business and the world around them.

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