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Accidental Entrepreneurs 3 Stunningly Simple Ways to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Start Up Foot

Susan L Reid

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In all the years I have been working with Accidental Entrepreneurs, I am always astounded by just how many of them sabotage their business success before they've ever gotten started. Time and time again I've watched them become paralyzed with fear that they might be going in the wrong direction. Just when they're all revved-up, they throw in the towel.

They are afraid of what making a wrong decision could do to them. They are fearful of getting boxed in, not having enough resources, and failing.

It breaks my heart when I see talent, passion, and drive paralyzed by fear. Especially when I know it doesn't have to be this way.

If you'd like to avoid this happening to you, here are 3 stunningly simple ways to stop shooting yourself in the foot to insure your new business start-up has a shot at success:

3 Stunningly Simply Ways to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

  1. Nip the inadequate, little me voice in the bud - You know the one: “Who do you think you are starting up a business without a business degree?" Calm that voice by realizing that no one starts up a business, even someone with a business degree, all by him or herself. Skills can be learned, books read, coaches found, and support people hired.

  2. Figure out whether you are experiencing fear or resistance - Fear makes you run. Resistance makes you question. Many confuse fear with resistance, believing that if you feel resistant toward something, that that's an indicator that you shouldn't do it. Not so. Before you conclude that “maybe this wasn't such a good idea, " hold the phone! Take some time to figure out what resistance is telling you. Do you need to do some more research? Take things a little slower? Go in another direction? Answer the questions that resistance asks, instead of collapsing into fear.

  3. Ask yourself questions from the future - Perspective is everything when it comes to making a decision. Decisions made in the heat of the moment, when your heart's pounding and thoughts racing are usually not the decisions that are in your best interest. So wait until things have cooled down. Then, project yourself into the future. From the perspective of one year from now, write out your thoughts to these questions:Last year was an amazing year for me. I accomplished so much. What were some of these accomplishments? What am I so glad I did? What do I wish I would have done? This perspective will help you get in touch with what's important to you.

No matter where you are in the start-up process, chances are you've fallen victim to the panic that precedes the fear of making a wrong decision. The good news is that now you have three stunningly simple ways to stop yourself from sabotaging your new business start-up, and insure your business has a shot at success.

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