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How to Find Uncommon Business Ideas Where Others Just See Problems


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A major part of becoming very wealthy is to come up with uncommon business ideas that completely outmaneuver your competition and sometimes redefine your entire industry. There are scientific ways of doing it through competitive intelligence and analysis followed by value innovation, and there is the simpler and quicker way of just changing the way you perceive the world around you.

If you can see an opportunity in every situation - even a bad one then you're on the way to reaping huge rewards. It's not just enough to see things inside your own industry either - the real talent comes from observing other industries and practices and applying their methods to yours to create new products, marketing ideas, systems and more.

It's amazing that a simple mind shift can break you away from the herd mentality and get you coming up with uncommon business ideas that will keep your competitors guessing on the back foot with no hope of ever catching you up.

Take markets for instance, is a plummeting market a bad thing? Most people would say yes, because they believe that gains can only be made when stocks and property go up.

Others will see a falling market as an opportunity to pick up bargains, bet against the market and find numerous other ways to make a profit from the situation.

Whatever the situation in the market - if people are losing money fast, someone else is making it - which one are you? Seeing the upside to any situation however dire is just one way to come up with uncommon business ideas. Another is to look at outside industries for systems, marketing and processes that can redefine your own.

So just how do you change your thinking to start seeing the opportunity in everything? It's not like just flicking a switch - you have to train yourself with a gradual process like the one America's #1 marketing expert is (for some insane reason) giving away for a 99% discount .

Then there's gathering competitive intelligence and innovating in the value you provide to your customers. Whichever path you choose just be prepared to leave the herd and be called insane - all the way to the bank.

Peter Webber is the director of Dot-Dash Innovations an Internet marketing consultancy based in South West London UK. Read his blog about out of the box business building here:


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Problems Accompanying Tribal Tattoo Ideas
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