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What's Your Dream?

Joan Bailey

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Answer this question - What's your dream of network marketing - residual income - to retire early - your dream home - work from home?

In a regular job, you go to work for someone for $20 an hour. This is about 40 thousand a year based on an 8 hour day. Now if you are one of the lucky people, and got a 10% increase at the end of the year, you'll now making $44,000.

Now most people would admit that even with 10% per year increases, it would take a number of years to grow $40,000 up to let's say $80,000 per year (7.2 years to be exact). Face it $80,000 while a nice income certainly doesn't qualify you for any dream lifestyle. It would even take longer at 6% a year and when you factor in 2% a year inflation - it would take even longer to achieve adjusted for inflation.

However, in network marketing every one starts at zero - not $20 an hour. So let's say you'll able to generate $100 for your first months check (way above the typical average). That's $1200 per year. At a 10% average annual growth - it's going to take a number of years (7.2 years to be exact - the rule of 72) for your growth to double. At 6% growth it would take 12 years to double. So your $1200 in 12 years would increase to $2400, in 24 years it would be $4800, and in 36 years it would be $9600 per year.

This is just by the average growth of the company - which really means growth in company sales. So in the example above the sales of the company would double in 12 years - which means the commissions paid out to distributors would double in 12 years. So on average a distributor making $1000 a month currently would make $2000 in 12 years at 6% company growth a year. It would take 7.2 years to double at 10% growth.

Now someone is going to say - yes but I'm not average. And basically anyone who says that isn't average. However, this business isn't about how much you can produce - it's about how much you and your group of distributors can produce.

This is what a new distributor is up against in a company only growing at a modest 6-10 percent a year. This is why many people in this industry quit - they get involved with companies past their prime growth and expect to have the same results as people who rode the companies growth wave.

Now let's look at how the big money producers in any company made their money. How they became millionaires in effect. They made their money under the following growth scenario - they surely didn't become millionaires at 6-10% growth a year, which is good growth for an establish company past their prime growth period.

For this example let's use a present actual scenario. The company that I am with is currently experiencing 300% growth per year. In March 2006 the rate of growth even increased to 25% over February. In fact in the first 3 months of 2006 the company had more sales than in the first 8 and a half months in 2005. And with the introduction of their newest product in 2008, their growth rate at grown at an absolutely phenomenal rate!

So let's take our new distributor again - we'll put him again at $100 after his first month now in this case on average the company is growing at 300% per year or in this case about 15% a month. So now this distributor is making $3600 at the end of the first year on average. End of the 2nd year $10,800. End of the 3rd year $32,400 - end of the 4th year $97,200 - end of the 5th year $291,600. Do you see the difference - this is the average guy.

In reality here is what usually happens: Some distributors quit their first year meaning that the average for the distributors who stick around are usually more than the average. This is the average guy - the above average guy is going to do much better. In fact I see hard working people earning over $10,000 a month by the end of their 2nd year. With a projected 7-10 year period of this type of growth ahead what could this mean to you?

So here's what I simply say to a person in a company like the ones I mentioned above that's only growing at 6% or less a year. You tell me - what's your plan to beat the odds, how are you going to become financially free in a company growing 6-10% a year - how are you personally going to make yourself and those you work with 50 times more effective than the average person?

Hey I've got a better idea - come join me in my company - where if you're just average - you're going to grow 50 times faster than the average person in one of these other companies. Gee - just think if you're better than average.

So please get back to me, as this could be your opportunity of a lifetime. Visit our website at for more information!

Joan Bailey - Health Appeal


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