The Thread That Runs Through Successful Entrepreneurs

Linda Caroll

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Whatever you are, be a good one
Abraham Lincoln [1809-1865]

There's a thread that runs through successful people. If you look at it very closely, you'll see that it's knowledge, belief and determination braided together and wrapped with emotion.

In the late nineties, Pierre's girlfriend complained that she couldn't find Pez collectors online. So, he built a web site to help her. A website where collectors could buy and sell their collectibles. Today, the growth of Pierre's site,, is nothing short of incredible.

In 1998, Ellen Cagnassola decided to put the little glycerin soaps that she and her daughter made online for sale. It allowed her to stay home and be a full time Mom. Today, her products are sold through Marriott Hotels, Johnson and Johnson and are shipped worldwide.

When Ruth got online, she realized that it was a lot of work trying to find ezine owners that accepted articles or advertising, and find out what their rates were, and what their subscriber numbers were. She started making a list. Her Directory of Ezines grew into a huge business that she later sold for a very nice profit.

What these people sell is not the issue. There are people succeeding by selling their own products. . . people succeeding by reselling products and services, too.

Would you like to see if you are on the right track to become a success story?
Take a piece of paper and divide it into three portions.

In the first section, write “My Interests & Abilities. "
Write down all the things that interest you or that you have ever done. The list will be huge. Include everything you've ever done for a living, as part of your personal life, as a volunteer, as a hobby or that you have a natural talent for. Do you have a flair for making people laugh? Do you have a green thumb? Child care? Have you done book keeping? Don't leave anything out. If you have done it, or can do it, or are interested in it, write it down.

In the second section, write “My Skillset. "
In this section, write down the things that you know enough about to go toe to toe with others doing the same thing. Do you garden as well or better than anyone else you know? Can you develop websites that match mine? Do you read 500 words a minute? What are the things that you do extremely well? List them here. You'll likely find that this is a smaller list, but that you have both interest and knowledge in these areas.

In the third section, write “What I Sell"
In this section, write down everything you are currently trying to sell, including affiliate programs you've signed up for.

Now look at all three sections. Ideally, you see a process of selective choice. Items from section one flow into section two, and items from section two flow into section three.

If so, you're on track. But, if section three is filled with things that don't appear in the previous two sections, you might want to look at your strategy again.

People buy based on emotion and justify with logic. Touch their heart, and the head will follow. How can you connect with anyone or convince anyone to buy if you, yourself, lack the knowledge and/or skillset to sell what you sell?

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