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How to Build Up Your Ebay Feedback


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By building your ebay feedback rating, you will draw in customers. As you know, the better your feedback rating, the better your items will sell. You are trusted on ebay when you have good feedback. Your ebay feedback is like gold. If you have 350+ feedbacks and all of them are positive, people won't bat an eye, before they bid on your auction. You will notice the amount of auction bids and sales will rise like never before. Okay I am going to tell you how you can get a few hundred positive feedbacks within a short time. There are a lot of ebay items that are under $1.00. But did you know there are tons more items that sell for just a penny? Digital media, self help books, ebooks, eguides, combo digital media packages. There are tons of these items that sell for just a penny. That means you could buy 100 of them for a dollar and you will have 100 positive feedbacks. Yes you could buy 100, $1.00 items and build your feedback that way. But would you rather spend $1.00 or $100.00 to receive 100 feedbacks on ebay? I would rather spend $1.00, but that's just me.

Buying 100, penny items on ebay can take some time. I would say purchase 20 a day until you reach the desired amount of feedback. But if your a die hard about getting your feedback rating up, do more than 20 a day. Keep up this routine and your reputation on ebay will finally be respectable. If you have had trouble selling items because you have low feedback, you are not alone. There are sure fire tricks to get around everything on ebay. They are not against ebay rules or anything. It is totally legit to buy a few hundred cheap items in return for a few hundred positive feedback.

Building your feedback rating up shouldn't be impossible. I have seen people on ebay that have less than a hundred feedbacks and they have been a member for years. There is no reason to have a low feedback amount or rating. Ebay feedback will make or break your ebay sales. If you have a very high positive feedback ratio, almost everything you auction will sell. There is no reason to have little or crappy ebay feedback. Go buy some cheap items on ebay and drive your ebay sales up!

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