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People are quitting their day jobs in droves and working from home. It makes sense on so many levels, not to mention the advantages of no daily commute and pyjama profits.

Becoming a home business entrepreneur allows people to stay home and work to their schedule and in there own way. This is a healthy way to function as an overwhelming percentage of people work best when they may produce when it suits there body and mental rhythms.

The diversity of home business opportunities makes this possible but this is different. I am not talking about stuffing envelopes here. This is about being a home business entrepreneur. A quantum difference in meaning.

An entrepreneur is “A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture" according to the dictionary definition. But working from home we are obviously talking about small scale operations. The garage cannot accommodate three fork lifts and a team of store staff. This is micro assets, massive profits.

The triangle has been turned up side down with the point of the triangle representing resources and the broad bottom representing profits. This is the smartest way to structure your home business. Many small home business operators turn to product and inventory, however an entrepreneur simply makes deals. That's where the money is. That's where it has always been.

Successful entrepreneurs inevitably buy problems and sell solutions. By that I mean that they inspect objects of value or assets of value and search out investment objects that have “excess intrinsic value" This value is converted into profits by making sure the initial purchase price reflected the “solvable" problems the the object had. In other words the purchase price was well below the actual worth of the object or asset. The object is then rectified and immediately resold for profits from 30% to 500% in some cases. Its these percentages that are the focus of an opportunity investors activities.

Compounding at the bank might be only 7% today but when you are an entrepreneurial investor working from home, you will do quite a bit better then that.

Martin Thomas (c)2005

Martin is a professional investor and Entrepreneur. If you would like to discover more about being an entrepreneur, you can read “The Million Dollar Mentor" by Hayden Muller. Martin recommends this work highly and has used the very concepts contained in the work for his own successful entrepreneurial activities. http://www.opportunity-investor.com


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