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Millionaire Mind IQ Test - 1 - Free!


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The Millionaire Mind IQ Test will be divided in two articles. This Millionaire Mind IQ Test is FREE. If you don't take advantage of it to find out if you have any possibility of having that Millionaire Mind and/or finding what is blocking you, then you deserve to be POOR for the rest of your natural life.

In his recent book, “The billionaire's secrets to success", billionaire Bill Bartmann stated that the basis of YOUR success rests on YOUR Self-Image. if you disagree, get ready for a tough and long life filled with money struggles and scarcity - until the day you die.

Harv Eker, author of “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", talks about Money Blueprint.

financial SELF-IMAGE = Money Blueprint.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea what Self-Image is and how powerful it is to help you or make you miserable.

Your Self-Image is your most valuable possession. It is your identity (ID), which you carry with you wherever you go. It determines who and what you are, what you can or cannot BE, what you can or cannot achieve, what you can or cannot have, It determines how healthy you are, how successful you are, how much money you have, what kind of relationships you can or cannot have. Your Self-Image is made up of all the beliefs, values and rules you have about yourself, the world and everyone and everything in it. These beliefs, values and rules you hold automatically determine your attitudes and behaviors. Your outer world is simply the “out-picturing" of your ‘hidden’ Self-image.

You will never be able to progress beyond the level permitted to you by your own Self-Image. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the Law of Belief, also known as the universal LAW OF ATTRACTION, which clearly states that “what you deeply believe, you will materialize AS your physical reality". The Universe is a gigantic MIRROR. Through the universal Law of Attraction, the Universe is REFLECTING BACK TO YOU exactly what you believe and what you think about all day long.

Your Self-Image has a financial component. We will simply refer to I as financial Self-Image. Others refer to it as your MONEY BLUEPRINT. They are one and the same.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE REASON for failure in any business venture: a losing Self-Image. There is ONE and ONLY ONE REASON for success in any business venture: a powerful, winning Self-Image.

With a winning financial Self-Image everything in the financial area becomes easy. The most difficult financial goals are achieved. With an inadequate, loser financial Self-Image, the simplest and easiest of financial goals turns into a failure.

Looking at and analyzing his/her hidden financial Self-Image must be the FIRST thing everyone does BEFORE embarking into any business venture - no matter what type of business it is.

Unfortunately, this is SOMETHING about 99.99999% of people NEVER do. Most people FAIL miserably because they never look at the their financial Self-Images. Most never know such a thing exists or believe it has nothing to do with their success or failure.

Most people simply start buying money making programs to make money at home, make money on eBay, make money online, make money with a website, make money on real estate or investing in the stock market or commodities. They never even think about asking themselves some basic questions such as “Do I have any beliefs that are limiting me", “Do I really believe I am going to succeed?", “Do I have what it takes to win?", “Is it going to be easy and fun or really hard and complicated for ME?"". This is simply one way to look at their hidden financial Self-Images, without using that name.

Are you telling yourself the truth when it comes to you making and having money?

Do you sincerely believe you have that winning Self-Image to be a money magnet, a great money maker, make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire? Or are you just kidding yourself?

Therefore, any time you are ready, you may take a ‘peak’ at your hidden Self-Image (Money Blueprint) by taking this FREE “Millionaire Mind IQ TEST" below - which is a subset of the larger QUIZ in our Advanced “Millionaire Mind Reprogramming" Course.

This test will be divided into TWO articles.

Right now, get ready to take the FIRST Part of our TEST. And if you are really SERIOUS about making lots of money, you will wait for and take the SECOND Part of this Test to be submitted in a few days.

If you do not take this FIRST Part of the Test, or fail to take the SECOND Part, then WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE BORN LOSER, isn't it? And you are just kidding yourself about making money, right?

Well, let's see . . . . Which of the following ideas do you believe?

Answer T = True or F = False. (The correct answers are provided to you)

1. Life is real hard. F

2. I do not deserve to get rich. F

3. It is real hard and difficult for me to make money. F

4. I have to work very hard to make money. F

5. It is better to give than to receive. F

6. I cannot afford it. F

7. I will never be rich. F

8. Rich people will not go to heaven. F

9. A good education and a good job will bring me lots of money. F

10. I'd rather be honest than rich F

11 . It takes a long time to become rich. F

12. Making lots of money requires that I make many sacrifices. F

13. Not everyone can be rich, especially me. F

14. Money is not that important for me. F

15. There are other things more important than money F

16. I am not good enough F

17. Money is evil (or the root of all evil). F

18. My parents always struggled with money. F

19. It is very hard for me to make money. F

20. Money is not everything. F

21. Money is not that important to me F

22. Money has a low priority in my life F

23. Being rich is not that important to me F

24. I am a very unlucky person F

25. I am a born loser F

26. I never get what I want. F

27. I am a money repellent. F

28. I am a money magnet T

28. I do not deserve to be rich, wealthy. F

29. Making money involves lots of hard work and sacrifices. F

30 I do not know how to make money. F

Alright, that's enough for today. Review your answers before you get ready to take the SECOND Part of the Test in the next article.

Notice how many times you may have answered that you believe making money is HARD, difficult, it takes a long time, it requires many sacrifices, it is NOT easy and fun, that you do not deserve to be rich. . How many of those beliefs were your parents’ beliefs?

How about “Money is not that important to me", “Money is not everything", etc. ? Those are very detrimental VALUES which will BLOCK your financial success. Where do these VALUES come from? Yoiur parents? Relatives? Authority figures? Religious nonsense?

You did not decided to DELIBERATELY ACCEPT those beliefs/values at the moment you were born or when you were a young kid. Those beliefs belong to someone else. Maybe your parents had some or all of those beliefs. You accepted those beliefs from them. Maybe other relatives, your school teachers, your religious teachers, and other authority figures in your life made you accept those beliefs BLINDLY - because you were too young to know any better!

The TRUTH is that most, maybe ALL, of those beliefs are NOT really yours. They were imprinted in your young brain without your conscious, deliberate CONSENT, But, since they were accepted at your subconscious level, they are creating ALL sorts of problems in your financial life

** Notice that some of these beliefs and values could have been imprinted in PREVIOUS re-incarnations and are brought by you to this current earthly re-incarnation to be cleared out and eliminated from your consciousness (Subconscious mind) once and for all.

And you will continue having all sorts of financial limitations and difficulties UNLESS you learn how to get rid of those DEADLY financial beliefs/Values (and many others you are not aware of right now) and imprint in your brain cells the winning Millionaire Mind beliefs, values and rules of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires.

In Part 2 of this article, you will continue this TEST.

You are going to learn so much about yourself and your limiting, conflicting beliefs and values in these TWO TESTS that if you don't take them, you subconsciously want to LOSE. /FAIL. In less than nicer words, you are a born LOSER and you want to stay that way!!

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Leo Foster believes being a Millionaire should be EASY and FUN Contact him at - Millionaire Mind Secrets - Be a Millionaire - Money Magnet - Make Money Fast - where he is designing the “Millionaire Mind Reprogramming" Courses with the fastest techniques to download directly into your brain cells the Millionaire Mind and make you automatically think and achieve like the super rich.


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