How To Turn Freebies Into Sales

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You can increase sales and profits by offering freebies to people who buy your main product or service. They increase the over all value of your main offer and in return people feel they're getting more for less.

It's important that you have a high enough profit margin so you can afford to give them away. Some freebies can be created without a lot of expense; like electronic information products. With these type of freebies there's no shipping or physical material costs.

Below are some popular types of freebies. In the examples are some other benefits and a tips for offering freebies to your buyers.


Offer potential customers a free coupon or gift certificate for a back end product or service you're selling. This will increase your chances for repeat purchases.


Offer a free booklet or e-book related to your main product or service. Inform potential customers that it is a limited time offer and it will only be available before a specific date.


Offer a free membership into your members only web site. Tell them what it normally costs for people who don't purchase.


Offer a free audio cassette or video to people who buy. Let them know this audio cassette or video can't be found anywhere else, only through this special offer.


Offer a free e-mail course on a topic related to your product or service. Add your back end product ads to each e-mail course lesson.


Offer a free chat room seminar or consulting to give away as a freebie. You will become know as an expert on the topic by electing to do the seminar or consulting yourself.


Offer a free gift if they buy your product or service. Giving the value of the free give will attract them to purchase your main product or service.

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