Winning Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur


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What are the requirements for marketing success? In any business it's important to start with an understanding of what “success" means. . .defining, establishing a metric, and look to see what qualities are necessary to achieve it.

If you're reading this article you no doubt have a desire to be successful - you're willing to do your research, educate yourself, and work hard to achieve your vision. The truth of the matter is only a small percentage of people will ever achieve their full potential. Those who do are the ones who persevere toward their vision and utilize wise marketing.

Success is generally looked upon as achieving favorable results and gaining wealth and/or fame, but you need to realize that success is different for each individual. For some, a yearly income of a few thousand dollars would be a success, but for another individual it may be several hundred thousand dollars. Whatever your definition of success is, there are several personal characteristics that are common denominators among successful marketers.

You start with a vision and then set up a series of goals as stepping stones to getting there. Goals are an important factor in becoming a successful business owner. Without goals that are realistic, how can you know when your success level has been reached? Think of goals as your measuring stick to achieveing success. Successful people set goals for their business. Goals should be realistic, measurable, and attainable. Your goals can be changed as often as necessary until you reach your ultimate goal, which is making money. Completing your tasks one at a time and then moving on makes building a business a quicker process.

If you want to be a successful business owner and marketer, the following facts, tips and words of encouragement can help you achieve your dreams so long as you understand that “perseverance pays off".

1. Here are some facts about a well-known man who realized that perseverance pays off by: Beginning at age 31 up until age 60, this man failed in business twice, was defeated in legislative races twice, survived the death of a sweetheart, suffered a nervous breakdown, lost three congressional races, lost two senatorial races, one vice presidential race and was finally elected President of the United States at age 60. That man was Abraham Lincoln. His fighting spirit epitomizes the word perseverance!

2. Passion - Successful people have a driving force that pushes them forward and sets them apart from others who may fail and stop. They have a desire and the energy that drives them to reach their potential, which is an inherent part of their personality. This particular trait can be learned and acquired of you weren't born with it. They keep their goals in mind 24 hours a day.

3. Belief - If you think you can succeed and are willing to work toward that success, you can become a business success. You must have realistic goals and believe in yourself. Even in the face of adversity, you must persevere and continually strive to accomplish the goals you have set.

4. Strategy - A good strategy, or game plan, can make or break you. You should have a workable strategy that will give your projects direction and drive you towards creating a profitable business. Designing a good strategy will help you achieve your objectives and overcome all obstacles along the way.

5. Energy - Without the vitality, enthusiasm and perseverance to be a mover and shaker, it will be very hard for your home business to succeed. Success is a by-product of mental, physical and spiritual energy that urges us on toward achieving our goal. You can if you think you can!

Starting your own business is an excellent way to build income and gain independence. The opportunities are tremendous.

Mark Eckenrode is a Guerrilla Marketing Coach and publisher of the GuerrillaZine marketing newsletter. You can get his audio seminar “20 High-Profit Secrets of Guerrilla Business Owners" for free at


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Five Traits of Most Successful Men
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