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Stay At Home Moms - When You Absolutely, Positively Need To Make Money At Home


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The baby is asleep. The toddler is off to a play-date. Now you can grab a coffee and catch your breath.

Yes. You're a stay-at-home-mom. You wouldn't have it any other way. No strangers are going to spend more time with your children than you, for pity's sake.

You and your husband gave this decision more debate than other lifestyle choice. But there are times when you question yourselves.

Funny how those moments of frustration only appear when the bills are due, huh? The stomach flip-flops. The heart palpitates. “Will we manage?" you wonder out loud.

These are the times when it hurts to think about the income you gave up when you decided to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Now when you can grab a moment of time to get online. . . the search begins. You are on a mission to find a way to earn money from home.

A home based business would be the answer to your prayers. Talk about information overload! You try googling “home based business" and almost spit your coffee over the monitor.

By the time you sort through the outrageous claims like “How to earn 1 million dollars in 1 month by using our secret science-fiction system while sleepwalking!", you're at the end of that proverbial rope. And, it's fraying fast.

Take heart. There are ways to make money from home. You just have to look beyond the scams. Will it happen overnight? Nope. Can it be done in your sleep? I wish! Will there be “work" involved? Yup.

To make money with your home based business, you will either provide a product or service to the consumer. Being a stay-at-home-mom makes the “service" part lose appeal.

Unless the service can be provided from your own home at the hours that suit you. For example. . . businesses that outsource contract work to save themselves money.

Another popular means to make money at home is to become a virtual assistant. This occupation is growing like wildfire. Start your search with places like to get an idea of what it involves.

No search would be complete without learning about

Hmmm, after looking at these sites, are you seeing how you can put your skills from your previous employment to work at a home based business? Things are starting to look up, right?

Then there's the “product" business. Which is simply, any product you create and sell. It can be locally or online. From gift baskets to candles. You can take a hobby and turn it into a money maker.

There's a woman in my area who shops at vintage and previously-worn clothing outlets and sells her treasures on eBay. She now makes more in a year than her previous job. Something to think about.

One place you must visit is What a learning experience! And check out their startup guides. They have answers to everything a future entrepreneur wants to know. Top rate.

Last, is information. Yes, information sells like hot cakes. In the form of eBooks, audio files or videos. There's a huge market of hungry consumers out there who will pay you for your information.

The fact that you are a stay-at-home-mom gives you enough knowledge to write your own eBooks. Subjects from dealing with colic to finding the time and energy for romance.

You don't need to be a “professional writer". If you can carry on a conversation, you can write and publish your own eBooks. It's also a low-cost, low-risk home based business.

Now you have homework to do. I'm sure you'll find a way to make money from home while taking care of your children.

And, plan the vacation of a lifetime. Before they're too ashamed to be seen with you!

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

Get your hands on a guide to a home based business at And you get to keep your arm and leg.

Karen Cook works at a Public Library where she talks with stay-at-home-moms everyday about their joys and tribulations. . .


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