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Why are we awestruck with money and wealth? Power. People are enthralled by it. Everyone is captivated by it or spellbound by its raw ability to change circumstances and conditions. However, for most of us, wealth is a very elusive goal. It is like the mystical unicorn or the legendary fountain of eternal youth. For most people finding wealth is the Holy Grail quest with which they live by.

Here are down to earth, hard and irrefutable principles on wealth. Let these things be life principles that you will live by. Take them as your own, and let the ideas transform you. Practice this on a daily basis until it becomes a lifestyle. You should try and live with these principles, in order for them to be effective.

1. Sow seeds.

One of the most important thing to do is to invest. We can learn a lot from a farmer. A farmer sows his seeds every planting season. He does not eat the seeds for the next planting seasons. He might get hungry for a week or two, but he will be bountiful for the rest of the year. We should also try to invest. Ask yourself, what investment should I go into? Is your money just sitting in a bank? It is a very bad idea. Don¡¯t let it sit. Plant your seeds. Sow them in fruitful endeavors and finally, do not max out your profits. Try to channel everything back to your business. Your capital should remain capital investments to further develop your financial capacity.

2. No pain, no gain.

Hard work is quintessential in the accumulation of wealth. I have to stress this out in most of my seminars and conferences. People nowadays are very accustomed to the instant lifestyle. We want instant success, instant happiness. Our culture is based on fast food, speed dating, automatic machines and electronic equipment. Somehow, this concept is carried over to our concept of wealth. A lot of books these days delve in the topic of how to get rich quickly. Many people, without having sound investment plans, are fooled into shady investments and networking schemes. No pain, no gain. In order to be happy, suffering is inevitable. Pain is a celebration of life and going near it is discipline. If you truly want to be rich not just in monetary aspects, you will undergo this evolutionary process of making wealth.

3. Live within your means.

People should live within their means. Unlike the West, Asians have a very good work ethic. Apart from this, they also know that the secret to success is living a simple life. Most often than not, they are very modest when it comes to spending and wise in their investments. There are two kinds of rich people: the one who has an excess of everything and the one whose needs are limited but met. Living a simple life means that you will have more savings and these savings are seeds for investments. Investments, in turn, creates wealth.

4. Meet the needs of people.

The reason why you are blessed is not because you are lucky. With great powers come great responsibilities. We are all given the potential to create wealth. At the same time, we are all called to be responsible with our use of money and valuable resources. Meet the needs of people. Why is WalMart successful? It is because it is meeting the needs of people everywhere! Where there is a need, there is an opportunity to create wealth. The war drive in the Middle East, for the most part, is actually a very fertile soil for investments. Why? Because there are needs to be met there.

There's this story about an island where there people don't wear shoes. Two shoe salesmen went there. The first one said, there is no market here. I will leave as soon as possible because people here don't wear shoes. The second salesman immediately called his company. He asked that thousands of shoes are needed in the island because the market is huge. Ask yourself, where can I meet needs? Do we need a restaurant in this area of town? Can I sell my home made turkey ham because the needs are great? Who might need something? How can I help?

5. Have a vision.

Vision is important. Vision is the ability to see things that are yet unseen, and the ability to turn these things into reality. Studies show that the probability that a vision comes to pass is increased by as much as 50% when the vision is written down. Write down what drives you. Meditate on it. What are the things that I need? Do I need a team to help me out in fulfilling my vision? Do you know why Microsoft came into reality? We have Microsoft because a high school kid had a vision that one day, every household in the world would have a personal computer. Back then, PCs are luxurious equipment and it seemed crazy to have such a vision.

Only crazy people can turn the world upside down. Believe in yourself. Wealth is there, we are all given the potential to make it. Your past and your failures should drive you to continue and strive for the best. Excellence should be there in everything that you are doing. Mediocrity does not have a part if you want to make millions. Discipline is important. I know that you can do it. Take heart my friend because great things start from small beginnings.

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