Are you a POLY or a MONO? Knowing Which Could Make you Rich

Jim Cockrum

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Are you monochronic or polychronic in your work style?

Let's find out. . .

Does the thought of facing several tasks at once make you uneasy? You are likely monochronic. Do you systematically move from one completed task to another? . . . monochronic

OR. . .

Are you capable of moving from one partially completed task to another easily? You are likely polychronic. Is your desk a maze of half completed projects? . . . polychronic

Get the idea?

Do a google search on these terms for a more clinical study of what it means, but I have some specific advice for both personality types as it pertains to success with your online business.

It's important to understand the difference if you want to maximize your success in business offline or online!

NOTE: There has never been a definitive study conducted that shows that one work style is superior. It's just a matter of personality and cultural differences.

Here's my advice for both groups:

    For the POLYs

Those of us who are clearly polychronic have a bit of an advantage online (in my opinion) in SOME areas. A teacher of mine once said that “a good computer program is never done". The same applies to a website or just about any online project. A good website is never truly finished. That doesn't bother us “polys". We are fine moving on and coming back later to add improvements. We are also likely to be perceived as (and usually are) master procrastinators. Don't let this bug you, just be aware that you are prone to taking on more than you can handle and it will drag down multiple projects when you do.

Setting up a thriving “multiple streams of income" business online requires you to be flexible with your business priorities as well as the ability to change tasks and direction quickly. These are our strengths as polys.

Our weakness? We are CONSTANTLY replacing the items on top of our priority list with NEW ideas and projects. This can lead to “failure to launch" anything.

TOP TIP: Guard the top priorities in your life and work. Don't let ANYTHING shake them. Tackle them FIRST everyday before a distraction can pull you away.

Keep a list of TOP PRIORITIES for the month posted where you can see it everyday.

Mark the “must do's" on your daily list and DO THEM FIRST.

    For the MONOs:

It's harder for me to understand the way you think, but I've met enough of you to have some advice and observations.

    Step One:

You like just reading the words “step one" don't you?

Break your list of jobs down into smaller tasks and list them out.

For example, consider an idea you might have for an eBook about say, “how to quit smoking".

The “to do" item on your list should not say “write an eBook about how to quit smoking". Instead your “to do" list should consist of multiple smaller tasks like:

1. Go to library and scan through 2 popular books about quitting smoking for ideas

2. Do 20 minutes of Google research about “quitting smoking"

3. Make a simple 5 point outline of what my book will contain

4. Record myself talking about the 5 points revealing everything I've learned

5. Find an expert to interview who will agree to appear in my book

6. Set an appointment to interview my expert etc.

This could go on and on. . . it's actually quite painful for me to think that way, but for you it's a good thing!

The task of making a “to do" list is tedious, but necessary and powerful. You could probably sell your “to do" list as a great ebook when you are done!

As a POLY I would simply write “work on smoking ebook" on my “to do" list. You don't have that luxury as a MONO.

Since your personality type struggles to “move on" before a task is “done" you need to shorten your definition of a “task" to smaller, more easily completed tasks. This allows you to mentally consider the task complete and it frees you psychologically to take on other things. You can also add a number of tasks to your daily “to do" list and get them all done. This is quite rewarding for your personality type.

    Step Two:

Rewrite your master “to do" list frequently looking to eliminate “dead ideas" and “dead ends".

Be aware that you are much more likely to get married to one idea and “go down with the ship" if it doesn't work out.

Realize that you need to be constantly learning so rather than ignoring new opportunities that come along while you are “busy" make a file to hold them and reserve an hour per week to go through the “ideas" folder and consider adding a new idea to your priority list.

    Step Three:

Embrace failure as part of a good online education.

Failure is part of this business. Be willing to leave a project undone and just chalk it up to “a lesson learned" and move on. You actually can go back to it later if you'd like and rework it (just ask any POLY - we do it all the time).

    Step Four:

Redefine “completion".

In the Internet world the “perfectionists" finish last. Sad but true. . .

Accept the fact that your project will likely never be perfectly “finished". You have to get your satisfaction in the process of completing the smaller steps. Recognizing this early on in a project will help you mentally be more prepared to take on simultaneous projects that can lead to multiple streams of income.

    Step Five:

Go clean a POLY's desk just for the fun of it and watch them FREAK.

Jim Cockrum - Creative Internet Income Strategies


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