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'One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise'

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Ho Humm. . . does that do it for you?

Why? . . .

Because you are probably one of them, an Entrepreneur.

Think back when you began entrepreneurial endeavors.

Now think of Lewis and Clarke, Magellan, Columbus, or the Wright brothers. Explorers. . . entrepreneurs, I see very little difference.

We are in it for the game, for the recognition, financial rewards and possibly the adventure.

As “Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, and You". . . WE CONTROL OUR DESTINY; call the shots, for better or worse, and Take Charge.

A Entrepreneurs Story

Imagine yourself, going to say goodbye to you boss, or your largest competitor.

‘Hi Jack, I just dropped in to say goodbye… I’m throwing in the towel, closing up shop. It’s just too difficult doing business. ’

When you see the subtle glimmer in his eye, trying so hard to convey sympathy, and you know, he is thinking about throwing a party. . . Yes sir, it is just too difficult running this operation any longer from this environment. I have gone global, working out of my new home here in Any town, using my laptop and my cell phone while I travel.

Have you heard, that I am teaching others to do what we do, and that I have fewer than four employees, that’s including my fifteen year old son?

How did my business grow so quickly? I hired an expert marketing consultant that charges $100,000 for one consulting session. - You will still get to see me once in a while in the success journals, or as a

speaker at our national convention.

‘Have to go now Jack, hope to see you soon"!

Walking away now, a grin of satisfaction emerges from within, while thinking to your’s-self, “I forgot to mention that I didn’t pay $100,000. for private consultation. . . “I merely did my home-work.

Entrepreneurs. . . ‘Be All You Can Be'

Dave Powell's career began in 1969 after serving in the Armed Forces. Serving in the United States Army, with a one year tour of duty in Viet-Nam, a year and a half in Germany, stateside then OUT. Achieving success in the life insurance business, before entering into his own business to date. “I closed my part time Hypnosis practice to joint venture with my long time friend PeteThePrinter.


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