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Israel, is it a place to invest? For years political rivals from around the globe have tried to somehow answer that question indirectly by influencing the geopolitical situation in the Middle East.

Most of the changes were made for individual gain, the geopolitical change has been happening in the Middle East, but the real change is coming sooner than we think.

Residents of the area are drawn (dare I say pushed) to violence and conflict because of misinterpreted information being fed through the local and global politicians and leaders (each having his own agenda).

The upcoming change in the area (as well as around the world) is inevitable. The general purpose of life is to create, live on and develop your self. Everyone can see before their eyes this manifestation coming to life.

There has always been an interest in Israel, it has tremendous religious values and is a place for widespread spiritual pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all over come to appreciate the holiest of places. Especially in these times of great change people are searching for guidance and spiritual awakening, so where would they go to find it?

We are evident to this fact by the rising number of visitors/pilgrims coming to Israel. People are drawn to this magical land of milk and honey. They are captivated by its qualities and strongly felt atmosphere that changes in the air as you move along its roads. For example the feeling you get walking in Jerusalem is like no other on earth, you can sense the power and holiness of the place, no doubt.

As we all know Israel is a small country (to say the least), it has limited land but the land that it has, holds endless potential. Investors from all around the globe are coming to Israel in search of opportunities.

This is the time to invest; the new Minister of Tourism (Mr. Hertzog) thinks the same, and is willing to push forward business ventures that will increase tourism in Israel. I warmly suggest you to visit this magnificent land and judge for yourself.

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Alex Ben-Dov


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