Can You Build Customer Loyalty?

Jo Ann Joy

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Unless you are a one-person shop, you are not the only person responsible for your customers’ opinions and whether they will do business with you again. Your employees make an impression on your customers every time they make contact. One of the first things you must do is make certain that your employees recognize that every contact with every customer is vital.

It is your job to stop negative attitudes or comments about your customers. If you allow your employees to make disparaging remarks about customers, it creates a negative attitude that customers can read. Customers can be a big pain, but stay positive and be sure your employees stay positive. You employees must understand that it is the customer who actually pays their salary.

One employee’s negative attitude can chase away current, future, and potential customers. Remember the adage that every dissatisfied customers tells ten people about the bad experience, and so it spreads. Whereas, a satisfied customer may not tell anyone about the good experience. The customer expects and is entitled to a good experience with your business. When they get what they expect, they are not as likely to talk about it.

Ask your customers what they want and listen to their answers. Let customers know that their opinions are important to you, their opinions have value, and their opinions will have an impact on how you run your business. Make sure all employees know what customers want and are prepared to give even more than the customers want. If you exceed your customers’ expectations every time, will you create customer loyalty? The answer is probably “No. "

Customers may be loyal to a brand or to someone they deal with in a company, but they are not likely to be loyal to an impersonal thing like a company. However, your company can create satisfied customers who will come back again and may recommend your company to friends and family. That may not be loyalty, but it is a good result that will boost your success.

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Jo Ann Joy is the CEO and owner of Indigo Business Solutions, a legal and business consulting firm. Indigo Business Solutions is a “one stop shop" for small businesses. We differ from other business consulting firms, because we offer comprehensive legal and business counseling. We can offer most of the professional services that a business requires.

Jo Ann has a law degree, an MBA, and a degree in Economics, but she is not a traditional attorney. Rather, she is a strategic business attorney who works closely with clients to create and implement strategies that will greatly improve their performance and chance of success. Her background includes commercial and real estate law, accounting, financial planning, mortgages, marketing, product development, banking, and business strategies. She ran a successful business for 10 years, and she has written and given presentations on many different legal and business subjects.

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