How to Build Repeat Business, Testimonials and Referrals

Elinor Stutz

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How Do You Score with your Clients?

Your clients will verbally and silently let you know how you are performing. Do they routinely give you repeat business, testimonials, and referrals to others?

The only way to accomplish the above is to initially work for a win-win solution, then continually deliver on extraordinary service, follow-up promptly on promises, listen carefully and make certain everyone is satisfied. This is relationship selling at its best.

The real estate agent stories below exemplify how service will work for you dependent upon how you work with your client. You will read why one agent will never be called again, the second needs to move on to another career and the third has all the business she wants.

How can the outcomes be so different for the three agents in the same industry? It is all dependent upon attitude and a willingness to work hard on the client’s behalf. Here are their stories:

A rental agent was recommended to me for getting the word out about a condo. The recommended agent came with a “partner" on a Friday afternoon to meet with me. By Monday morning the recommended agent was gone. She never once mentioned her upcoming leave. We felt it was less than honest and would never seek her help in the future after she returns.

The partner, or second agent, was dedicated to our account. Not only did this agent not follow up on promised advertising on our behalf, he does not communicate. Unless I called a minimum of 2 times, he would not return a call let alone initiate a call to provide status updates. Realizing he did not have our interests in mind, we terminated the agreement.

The third agent represents the model of how this service should be. She immediately took over on our behalf, and offered to host an Open House for our rental. The reason for selling soon disappeared. This agent did not give up. She then put us on her distribution list to sales comparables for our area. Once I a while she will write to ask what’s new and send holiday greetings. When we are ready to sell, she will be the one invited in to help us.

Ask yourself – am I doing everything possible to accommodate my clients in a friendly and reasonable manner to encourage repeat business and referrals? Am I building a team event each day to improve employee and client loyalty?

To further ensure repeat business, referrals and testimonials, check in frequently with your clients. Thank everyone involved with the purchasing decision. Thank each employee involved in each sale. Encourage employees to offer suggestions for improvement. Implement a bonus program for exceeding goals. Offer relevant training for each level. Build employee loyalty.

Ask your clients how service may be improved. Stay involved with their future growth plans. Keep your clients abreast of new developments within your own company and how your improvements may help them grow their business.

Every time you see a write- up in the newspaper about their company or industry, let your client know. Ask how the news will affect them.

Become an information resource for your prospects and clients. Recommend others who can use your clients’ services and refer your clients to others who can help them. Let your clients know that you are not only a vendor but also a partner. Strive to build client loyalty. Once you routinely implement these suggestions, the repeat business, testimonials and referrals will follow.

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