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Have you ever been in a department store and known exactly what you were looking for but couldn’t locate any staff to help you find it? Think of your website as your very own department store, and your contact numbers, email addresses, and FAQ’s navigational buttons as your staff. Without these handy interaction tools, your purchaser will get frustrated and E-shop somewhere else.

It is important to provide your customers with ways to ask questions or give feedback. We are a curious bunch of people in this world; everyone has an opinion and thinks someone should hear it. So give them the opportunity to voice their feelings on your merchandise, encourage dialogue with your customer and then use their opinion to better your product.

A speedy response is important to keeping the sale, whether it be a question, comment, or criticism, respond to your customer in a timely manner to let them know that what they say matters.

Your staff should show a great desire to help your clients with their questions; this is an easy way to turn an inquiring customer into a buying customer.

Being attentive to your clients needs will also reduce the number of returns on your product.

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How To Use Live Chat Software To Get Customer Feedback And Sales
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